Britons take to social media in hope lives could be normal by summer

‘Summer 2021 is going to be the party to end all parties!’ Britons take to social media in hope their lives could be back to normal by next year as experts hail Pfizer Covid vaccine

  •  UK has ordered 40million doses of the jab – enough to cover 20m people
  • Boris Johnson is due to hold a press conference at 5pm to update the public
  • Thousands took to Twitter to discuss what vaccine could mean for Summer 2021 

Thousands have taken to social media to envisage a carefree summer 2021 following the news that the UK could get 10million doses of coronavirus vaccine by Christmas.

Boris Johnson is due to hold a press conference at 5pm to update the public on the optimistic news but for some the prospect of being ‘back to normal’ by Spring was enough cause for celebration. 

Ben Henry tweeted: ‘Summer 2021 could/will be the party of all parties!!’ 

James Renn tweeted: ‘Here we go lads. Summer 2021 is gonna be mega.’ 

While Dan tweeted: ‘I honestly FEAR for summer 2021 – the way the whole world is going to PARTY.’ 

K J Bauer cautiously tweeted: ‘Not getting my hopes up for this but from here on in, literally every penny I save will be earmarked for travel and gigs in Summer 2021.’ 

For some the prospect of being ‘back to normal’ by Spring was enough cause for celebration, with thousands taking to Twitter to tweet in excitement over ‘Summer 2021’

Pfizer and BioNTech revealed early results from a massive clinical trial suggest nine out of 10 people who get their jab are protected by it. 

The PM’s spokesman cautioned that there were ‘no guarantees’, but branded the results ‘promising’ and held out the prospect of millions of doses of the vaccine being in circulation by Christmas if it wins approval. 

A Twitter user by the name of Bratchy joked: ‘Can foresee residents of Ibiza and Tenerife wishing Britain was in lockdown again in summer 2021.’

Destiny tweeted: ‘Not people tweeting about getting the vaccine and keeping safe only to destroy their liver in summer.’

Tom tweeted: ‘Summer 2021 top trend. Honestly, if the UK is vaccinated, I fear for our livers. will be the liveliest summer of all time bar none.’   

Thousands in the UK took to Twitter to share their excitement over the prospect of a covid-19 vaccine and what it could mean for their summer plans

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said earlier today: ‘In total, we’ve procured 40million doses of the Pfizer candidate vaccine, with 10million of those doses being manufactured and available to the UK by the end of the year if the vaccine is approved by the regulators.’

Professor Sir John Bell, a member of the government’s vaccine task force, said he was ‘confident’ life will now be back to normal by the Spring.

‘Yes, yes, yes, yes. I am probably the first guy to say that but I will say that with some confidence,’ he told the BBC Radio 4’s World at One.

The company’s chairman hailed the breakthrough a ‘great day for science’ while independent experts said the results were ‘excellent’ and ‘really impressive’. 

Optimistic Twitter users have run wild with the news of the potential vaccine, already starting to plan their carefree summer 2021. 

Some Twitter users joked that they would have to start working on their ‘summer body’ in preparation for the 2021 season

Eleanor tweeted: ‘Summer 2021 is going to be incredible, I was already looking forward to it.’ 

Another twitter user wrote: ‘I can almost feel the smugness when I drag my friends out of the campsite to see some artist on a small stage at a festival I raved about and they end up actually liking them. Stick me up with that vaccine baby I am ready for summer 2021.’   

Dhara tweeted: ‘Summer 2021 is trending and i’m here for it.’

Nachi tweeted: ‘Summer 2021 will be the best time of our lives lads.’ 

Josh Jones tweeted: ‘Very good news! Summer 2021 will be unreal if things are back to normal.’    

While Caroline wrote: ‘Gotta start fixing this summer body from now if this vaccine actually comes through. I pray we get some summer 2021 enjoyment.’ 

Another Twitter user shared a meme of a boy furiously pedalling on an exercise bike with the caption: ‘Me getting ready for summer 2021 now’.

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