Calgary store owner says anti-pipeline blockades hurting business

The owner of a Calgary furniture store says blockades in support of the Wet’suet’en Nation, which have halted hundreds of trains from travelling across the country, are hurting her business’ bottom line.

Rhonda Fairhurst owns Country Living Furnishings & Design, which has been in business in the city for 22 years. She told Global News on Friday that CN Rail’s recent move to shut down trains in Eastern Canada means they can’t get their products from their suppliers.

“We just received word from our carriers saying, ‘Let your customers know that there’s delays and we don’t know — we don’t have an ETA right now,’” Fairhurst said.

The lack of control Fairhurst has over getting her furniture pieces and other products has her feeling frustrated.

“We’ve always kind of said, you know, we have control over when our furniture comes because it’s just in our country — there’s no borders,” she said.

Fairhurst said it’s not just her small, family-owned establishment that’s hurting because of the blockades.

“Our manufacturers are our family-run businesses as well. So they’re relying on getting the product to us to get paid,” she said. “We’re relying on getting our product to the customer to get paid.”

She said most customers they’ve had to tell about the delays aren’t surprised, as they’ve been hearing about the situation on the news,.

“I feel like it’s not being very Canadian. We’re trying to do business in Canada, and blocking is not being very Canadian.”

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