Canadian Armed Forces plane grounded after laser shone into the cockpit

A Canadian Armed Forces pilot decided to abort a flight on Monday evening after a laser was shone into the aircraft’s cockpit. Now police are looking for those responsible.

RCMP say the incident occurred at 8:58 p.m. at CFB Greenwood, when a CC-130 Hercules was on the taxiway. A laser was shone into the cockpit, and as a result, the flight was aborted.

Witnesses have told investigators that the laser came from an area south of the base.

RCMP patrolled the area but did not locate a suspect.

“Lasers present a serious risk to aviation. They can impair the pilots’ vision, therefore putting at risk the lives of all occupants and people on the ground,” said Lt. Col. B. Baker, the deputy commander of 14 Wing Greenwood.

“Incidents involving lasers pointed at airplanes cause the flight to be cancelled automatically for investigation and safety of the crews.

“In Greenwood, where search and rescue flights operate routinely, this could also affect the safety of those in need of assistance.”

Police are asking for anyone with information about this incident to contact them at 902-765-3317 or to call Crime Stoppers.

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