Chinese cops barricade woman from Wuhan inside her home ‘to stop coronavirus spreading’ as she screams in horror – The Sun

HARROWING footage has emerged that appears to show a woman recently returned from Wuhan being barricaded into her own home by black-clad Chinese authorities.

The woman can be heard screaming and yelling while a group of masked men fit thick metal bars over her door.

Credit: Twitter, @KenWong_
Credit: Twitter, @KenWong_

A sign outside reads: "This family came back from Wuhan. Stay away, no contact".

Originally shared by the Metro, the terrifying video is alleged to show a horrific standard practice as coronavirus panic grips the Chinese government.

According to one activist, people suspected to be infected with the deadly disease are being left to "starve and die".

The scenes are thought to have been recorded in Nantong, in the JiangSu province but China's super-strict censorship laws making tracing the video extremely difficult.

And speaking to the Metro, another activist accused the Chinese governemnt of being "more focused on censorship than public welfare because they know their credibility is challenged".

He said: "They have covered up the crucial information too long. Doctors were censured by police for talking about the pandemic one month ago".

The deathly virus – originated in Wuhan – has spread across the globe striking down thousands and killing hundreds, with more confirmed cases by the minute.

Activists say as well as Chinese authorities, mob rule has gripped some panic-stricken neighbourhoods and groups of civilians are barricading infected people's homes.

There are also suggestions  some members of the public are digging up roads leading to Wuhan and Hubei, two of the worst affected regions.

One activist said China is in "panic mode" but the worst affected, left stranded or on involuntary lock down can't even voice their distress as social media in the country is so heavily regulated.

And whistle-blowers who tried to warn Chinese officials last month about the deadly outbreak at Wuhan's live animal market were arrested for "spreading rumours".

Dr Yukteshwar Kumar of the University of Bath told the Mirror eight people had been arrested for "spreading rumours".

He said: "They were asked to sign a confession stating that they will not spread false news.

"If they had taken steps earlier the situation could have been better because they did know about it".

It's thought among the detainees is a doctor who warned friends of the illness in a private group chat.


He is now reported to be critically ill with the virus.

Human Rights Watch have said quarantined sufferers are "being denied access to life-saving medicine".

They added: "Violating the rights of tens of millions of people in the effort to address the coronavirus outbreak will be counterproductive. Transparency and engaging civil society will be the far better approach".

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