Coronavirus cases hits 100,000 as chilling new animation shows spread of deadly bug around the world – The Sun

CASES of coronavirus have surpassed 100,000 as the killer virus grips the globe.

A chilling new animation reveals the wildfire-like spread of the deadly flu as swathes of the population have been infected.

On December 31 last year, health bosses in China raised the alarm to the World Health Organisation of several cases of an unusual pneumonia-like virus in WUhan, a port city in China.

It was reported a number of people struck down by the virus had been working at the Huanan Wholesale Seafood Market which was shut down the next day.

From there the virus spread like wildfire, roaring through China with the first death on January 11.

Since the virus exploded across the globe there have been 3,383 deaths from the killer bug.

It comes as governments around the world fear a global pandemic.

Since the outbreak, a number of cruise ships have spent weeks stranded at sea, unable to dock over fears  of spreading the virus.

The flu also tore through Iran, reaching the highest echelons of government and infecting two health ministers.

In China, once packed cities looked like ghost towns as millions self-isolated.

And in England, the first UK death was confirmed yesterday with no end to the virus's reach.

As it stands, Mainland China currently has the most confirmed cases of coronavirus in the entire world – well over 80,0000 with thousands of deaths.

South Korea is the next largest infected after the virus ripped through a church, sparking hundreds of cases in just days.

There are currently over 6,000  cases in the region.

Coming in third is Italy – which also has the largest number of cases in Europe – nearing 4,000.

The virus has swept through the globe like wildfireCredit: Reuters
Looming figures in hazmat suits were pictured everywhereCredit: AFP
Hospitals were rushed up in just three days as thousands were struck downCredit: AFP or licensors
Entire cities had to be disinfectedCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The flu has swept the globeCredit: Getty Images – Getty

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