Coronavirus in NY: A timeline of how the disease spread through the metro area

The New York Metro area’s coronavirus outbreak is a case study in how the illness can spread at lightning-speed in a packed, high-traffic petri-dish environment.

Since COVID-19 hit the Empire State on March 1, cases have ballooned to 328 — the majority of them connected to a cluster in Westchester County.

Officials have begun taking drastic measures, such as banning gatherings of more than 500 people and setting up a mile-radius “containment area” in Westchester County, in effect until March 25.

March 1

Coronavirus hits New York, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces the first case, a 39-year-old healthcare worker from Manhattan who recently returned from a trip to Iran.

She is isolated at home with her husband, who tests negative. This comes the day after the US recorded its first death from the disease, a patient near Seattle.

March 2

New York records its second case: Lawrence Garbuz, a 50-year-old Westchester lawyer who works in Midtown. Officials don’t know where he caught it, but say it was likely not through travel.

March 3

A 32-year-old Fort Lee, New Jersey man tests positive. He also has a home in NY.

March 4

At least nine people who came in contact with the Westchester attorney test positive. They include his 46-year-old wife, 20-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter. His neighbor, who drove him to the hospital, and a friend, the friend’s wife and three kids are also sickened.

March 5

Long Island records its first case, as the tally in the Empire State rises to 22, including two more people in New York City.

March 6

Cases in the state double, hitting 44 by the end of the day. At least 37 of the cases are tied to Garbuz. Cuomo says 4,000 people in the state are under “precautionary quarantine,” including 2,700 in the city.

Mayor Bill de Blasio urges sick New Yorkers to stay home.

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