Dad of kid spotted hanging head over edge of Trowbridge train platform says he 'wasn't at risk'

Ian Stanton, 46, was slammed by social media users when a photo of the lad went viral on social media – with nearly 3,000 people sharing it.

British Transport Police are set too speak to the British Transport Police.

He said: "We were on our way to the Bath Carnival and our train was delayed," he said.

"Devon is an inquisitive kid and wanted to pick up a stone or piece of wood from the track as treasure.

"I told him it wasn't a good idea and then he asked if he could have a quick look."

"I knew the man who took the photo wasn't happy but it is just a snapshot – Devon was there for all of 30 seconds – and all the people who have commented weren't there.

"Anybody who knows me and knows my kids would realise he wasn't in danger."

Tim Brown, who took the photo and posted it on Facebook described the scene at Trowbridge railway station in Wiltshire on Saturday as "absolutely unbelievable".

He said when he spoke to the adult the reply he got was that "the trains not due".

Mr Brown, from Birmingham, added: "When I pointed out there may be others ie freight, empties, unscheduled etc the reply was 'The next one's not till 16.38'.

"After speaking to the guard and explaining to the man that people are seriously injured and die doing this I was told (By the not so responsible adult) I was a do gooder and the lad just wanted to look at the track…..I can only try."

Nearly 2,000 people commented on the post with disbelief with many saying it as "insane" and "stupid".

A spokesman for BTP said: "Officers have been made aware of photograph on social media which shows a child in a dangerous position on the platform of Trowbridge station on Sunday."

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