Deadbeat son evicted from parents’ home says he’s too broke to move

The unemployed millennial who’s been ordered to pack up his belongings and vamoose from his parents’ home after they sued him says there’s one problem — he can’t afford moving boxes.

Freeloader Michael Rotondo, 30, was ordered by an Onondaga County judge to get out of the house in upstate Camillus by noon June 1.

His parents, Mark and Christina Rotondo, lowered the boom on their deadbeat son, who has been living with them rent-free for the past eight years, by suing him.

Michael, who has a young son, told The Post this week that he wanted three months to move out — or he’d appeal the judge’s ruling.

But he cited a practical matter that he said prevents him from moving out.

“Mostly, I need to start packing my boxes so I can move,” he told “But I have to pay for the boxes, which might be a problem.”

Rotondo said he understands that if he fails to obey the court order, Onondaga County sheriff’s deputies could forcibly remove him.

“I’m aware that that’s how the ax falls,” he told the news outlet. “I’m going to try to resolve this as civilly as possible.”

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