Disturbing moment a fisherman sculls a can of bourbon out of a FISH

‘That’s just wrong’: Fisherman is blasted over stomach-churning video showing him neck a can of bourbon out of a dead FISH

  • Man can be seen knocking back a can of bourbon out of a fish in bizarre scenes
  • The clip, which was uploaded to TikTok, has amassed over 450,000 views 
  • Some labelled the the stunt ‘disrespectful’, ‘classless’, ‘not cool’ and ‘gross’

The disgusting moment a fisherman necks a can of bourbon out of a fish has left TikTok viewers horrified.

A 15-second clip, recently taken on a fishing boat, shows an unknown man wrap a dead fish around a Woodstock Bourbon can.

Seconds later, a man with a distinct Australian accent can be heard saying ‘this is called the fishy,’ in the video, which has been viewed close to 450,000 times.

As brown liquid oozes across the man, cheers were heard from others on the boat

The man goes onto pinch the fish’s lips, raise it above his head before drinking the bourbon with gusto.

As brown liquid oozes down his chest, a number of enthusiastic cheers can be heard from others on the boat.  

On TikTok, most of the comments condemned the bizarre behaviour of the fisherman.  

‘I’m not an animal activist, but that’s just wrong,’ one person said, according to Yahoo News.  

Others also expressed their disappointment, labelling the left-field stunt ‘disrespectful’ and ‘gross.’ 

Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst said such extreme antics could be deemed as morally reprehensible.  

‘It speaks volumes that (some) people get a thrill out of mocking the death of an animal,’ she said. 

‘Nobody would find it hilarious if that was a dead dog, we would find it highly disrespectful.’

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The man placed a can of bourbon inside the fish before bizarrely then knocking back the drink, with the fish effectively a stubby holder

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