Diver swept mile out to sea for two days in freezing waters where passing ships nearly ran over him as he cried for help – The Sun

A DIVER has told of his miracle rescue after he became marooned for two days floating in a freezing cold slap bang in the middle of a busy shipping lane.  

Russian Pavel Vazemiller, 31, said a dozens of merchant vessels passed nearby but did not see him or hear his frantic shouts which led him to losing his voice. 

The diver, who was wearing a wetsuit, had lost his small boat off Russia’s Pacific coast and was forced to cling to a buoy.

Mr Vazemiller was believed to be in the biting waters in the water in Ussari Bay off Cape Vyatlin near the busy port of Vladivostok for almost 48 hours,

He had been carried away by strong currents far from his original position just 300 ft offshore. 

Dad-of-two Pavel, speaking after his dramatic rescue ten miles out to sea, he said: “I lost my voice screaming for help.”

One boat nearly squashed me to death, another I managed to touch.

A dozen ships passed him but he said none of the ships’ crew noticed him because the buoy he was clinging to had beacons. 

Eventually he was seen by sailors aboard the refrigerated cargo ship, the Tigr-2,  and lifted on board.

He said: “Thank you so much to the guys who saw me. It was the thirteenth boat which passed within 100 metres of me.

“But I didn’t see a single living soul. It looks like they were all navigated automatically and there was no-one around. 

“One boat nearly squashed me to death, another I managed to touch.  Huge thanks to everyone who was helping search for me.”

He added: “It is hard to speak and my head is aching.  My knee joints are in huge pain and feet are hurting badly.”



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Despite his horrific ordeal, he said he was in a “satisfactory” condition after almost two fully days in the cold waters. 

"I’m feeling OK, just lost my voice,” he said, according to The Siberian Times.

"I’ll live. I’ll live a long and happy life.”

Sailor Makhir Ibragimov, a crew member on Tigr-2 said: “I heard screams and whistles, looked all around and saw a man.”

The diver’s wife Tatiana, 29, said she went through “indescribable agony” after he was lost at sea. 

“An enormous thank you to everyone who physically helped us and … kept their fingers crossed and prayed for us,” she said. 

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