Dog tied to back of car and dragged through city leaves bloodied trail on road

A driver has been slammed after horrific video emerged of a dog being tied to a car boot and dragged on a road.

Dashcam footage taken from a motorist driving behind captures the appalling scene in the city of Atyrau, Kazakhstan on Thursday, January 7.

The poor canine has a rope tied around his collar while being dragged behind a black car as the driver continues to speed off the road.

It is clear that the pooch couldn't keep up the speed and appears lying on the ground motionlessly, leaving a sickening trail of blood on the street.

Kind-hearted motorists who witnessed the cruel abuse honk at the driver and force him to stop the car.

A woman is heard questioning the driver: "Why are you doing this?"

She later reported the incident to an animal rights group called Kind Hearts, who then alerted the police to track down the driver.

A volunteer working at the group quoted the woman saying: "The man did not reply.

"He just took the dog, threw it in into his boot then drove off.

"The whole road was covered in blood."

The police looked up on the man's driving licence and managed to locate his address.

Rescuers said the severely hurt animal was bravely standing on all fours when they went to take it to a veterinary clinic.

One said: "The wounded animal was given painkillers, and the wounds were carefully treated."

Graphic pictures shared by the volunteers shows the dog suffered "very deep" open cuts on the hip with rubbles from the road pulled from the deep incisions.

Its front leg is badly injured with bone protruding.

The unnamed driver has been detained and is under criminal investigation under animal cruelty laws.

Police said the man claimed that he was moving the dog at the request of friends, and that the boot had opened during the ride, and the dog "fell out".

The animal rights group posted: “Why are there so many morons in Atyrau? Our police cannot seem to do anything about it.

"All these freaks know that they can get away with everything."

They made the case public because they feared it would be “hidden”.

“We will not leave it like this," they said.

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