Donald Trump may DROP OUT of US 2020 election if his poll numbers don’t improve, Republican insiders claim – The Sun

DONALD Trump may drop out of the 2020 presidential race if he believes he can't win, according to a Republican Party insider.

It's been claimed the under-fire president is in a "fragile" mood after some polls showed him lagging behind Democrat rival Joe Biden.

However, those in the president's campaign team have laughed off the claims calling them the “granddaddy of fake news.”

And others close to the outspoken world leader say it is just not in his nature to throw in the towel.

Speculation about Trump's future was sparked after an unnamed source claimed he was feeling the heat.

“It’s too early, but if the polls continue to worsen, you can see a scenario where he drops out,” one Republican reportedly told Fox News.

Another party insider claimed: “I’ve heard the talk but I doubt it’s true. My bet is, he drops if he believes there’s no way to win.”

The unlikely claims come after a number of the president's allies spoke out to say his re-election campaign was not going to plan.

"He is losing," said former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on ABC's This Week on Sunday.

"And if he doesn't change course, both in terms of the substance of what he's discussing and the way that he approaches the American people, then he will lose."

Fox correspondent Charles Gasparino later tweeted he had spoken to “major players” in the Republican party for his story.

He claimed one of them described Mr Trump’s mood as “fragile”.

Biden currently holds an average lead of nine points over the president, according to a tracker of 2020 polls by RealClearPolitics.

However, Trump has regularly lashed out out at any stats which show him trailing his election rival.

On Monday, he tweeted: 'Sorry to inform the Do Nothing Democrats, but I am getting VERY GOOD internal Polling Numbers.

'Just like 2016, the @nytimes Polls are Fake! The @FoxNews Polls are a JOKE!'

The president has found himself under pressure in the wake of his handling of the coronavirus crisis and the shocking death of George Floyd.

A poll commissioned by the Washington Post showed just 36 per cent of Americans approved of Trump’s handling of the Black Lives Matter protests.

And a New York Times poll found 58 per cent of Americans were unhappy about his handling of the outbreak.

Last month we reported how another poll found 54 per cent of Americans view Trump as  "below average".

He was considered a failure by 43 per cent of those polled, compared to 21 per cent for Barrack Obama in the same survey.

The Yahoo! News/YouGov poll likened Trump's performance to the job done by recent presidents such as George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter.

However, those close to the man running the country say the numbers just don't add up.

“Everyone knows that media polling has always been wrong about President Trump –­ they undersample Republicans and don’t screen for likely voters –­ in order to set false narratives,” said Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaughs.

“It won’t work. There was similar fretting in 2016 and if it had been accurate, Hillary Clinton would be in the White House right now.”

Last month, Trump said he would leave the White House peacefully if he lost in November's presidential election but that it would be "a very bad thing for our country."

He was responding to comments made by Biden who said that he was "absolutely convinced" the military would have to escort Trump from the White House if he refused to leave office.

Trump said: "Certainly, if I don't win, I don't win."  He then added he would "go on, do other things."



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