Donald Trump urged to reintroduce lockdown after coronavirus deaths soar – poll results

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The president has been widely scrutinised over his handling of the deadly pandemic in the US after it hit a devastating three million infections. The national death toll has hit a staggering 135,000, making it the hardest-hit country in the world.

Florida reported at least 15,299 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, with the state’s death toll surpassing 500 deaths last week.

Other states are edging closer to going back into lockdown again as cases rise across the country.

US Representative Donna Shalala called the pandemic an “American tragedy” and blamed the governors for not enforcing face masks.

She said: ”This is an American tragedy. It’s out of control across the state because our governor won’t even tell everybody to wear masks.”

A poll, which ran from 12am to 4pm on July 14, asked whether Mr Trump should reintroduce lockdown.

Out of 478 votes, 63 percent (306) of voters urged the President to put the country back into lockdown.

Just 34 percent (157) said he should not while three percent (15) said they didn’t know.

One person argued: “Lockdowns are a matter for the individual states not the federal government.”

Someone else said it is not Mr Trump’s decision to make and said: “The USA is a Constitutional Republic and the Federal Administration and is there to support each state.

“It’s not Trump’s decision to make.”

Another echoed: “Each state should deal with it themselves in the way they believe more appropriate.

“It’s not a federal issue for the president.”

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Many other voters echoed the notion it is not Mr Trump’s decision to put the entire country back in lockdown but up to the individual states to decide.

One said: “Different member states are at different stages of the pandemic.

“Why not let them decide what’s the best way forward at national level and just focus on sourcing and coordinating shared resources and support?”

The reopening of states, paired with the Memorial Day holiday on May 25, resulted in a surge in the number of hospitalisations in at least a dozen states around two weeks after the holiday weekend.

According to a new study involving mobile phone data found people had travelled to 10 coronavirus hotspots during the July 4 weekend for Memorial Day.

The research was compiled by private firm Cuebig for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than half the states have already put on hold plans to lift their lockdowns in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp criticised Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ plans to move the city’s lockdown lifting back to phase 1, which means only essential travel is allowed.

He said it was “merely guidance – both non-binding and legally unenforceable.”

Gov Kemp took to Twitter to comment on the move, writing: “As clearly stated in my executive orders, no local action can be more or less restrictive, and that rule applies statewide.”

Ms Bottoms defended her stance, saying the state lifted its restrictions carelessly and that residents were “suffering the consequences.”

She also referenced higher rates of patients in hospital with the disease and a higher death toll, both locally and statewide.

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