Etsy bans 'I heart JK Rowling' items but carries 'F*** JK R' products

Etsy bans craft-maker from selling ‘I love JK Rowling’ items that ‘promote hatred’… while promoting badges and cards carrying slogan ‘F*** JK Rowling’

  • Online marketplace removed products with ‘I heart JK Rowling’ slogan
  • While another postcard being sold on the website said ‘F*** JK Rowling’ 
  • Social media users slammed the site for being ‘bang out of order’  

Etsy banned products carrying ‘I love JK Rowling’ slogans claiming it ‘promotes hatred’. Pictured: the Edinburgh-based author of the Harry Potter series JK Rowling

Online marketplace Etsy has banned a seller from selling items carrying the slogan ‘I love JK Rowling’ claiming that it ‘promotes hatred’. 

But the marketplace has been slammed after social media users higlighted that their site also currently lists a postcard bearing the slogan ‘F*** JK Rowling’.  

Etsy reportedly removed items included a poster, hoodie, sweatshirt and long sleeve T-shirt, bearing slogans in support of the author from the page of a seller known as QuirkyStitchCrafty. 

In an email to the seller, a representative of the ‘Etsy’s Marketplace Integrity team’ said they prohibit any products that ‘promotes, supports, or glorifies hatred or violence towards protected groups’.

They added: ‘This includes items or listings that are demeaning or disparaging towards people based upon: race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation.’

The removal of the products was been branded ‘sinister stuff’ by one social media user, while another called it ‘bang out of order’. 

On listing on the website was a postcard carrying the statement ‘F*** JK Rowling’ 

The products on QuirkyStitchCrafty’s Etsy page bearing the ‘I heart JK Rowling’ slogans appear to have been reinstated since the row

Another wrote: ‘How can products proclaiming love for a world-renowned philanthropist be hate speech’. 

They questioned why other products were allowed to remain on the site while products praising the author were not.  

The postcard featuring the words ‘F*** JK Rowling’ is being sold by a seller known as HillcrestCardCompany for £4.10.

In the product description it brands the author a ‘TERF’ – an acronym coined by trans activists, which stands for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. 

The term reportedly applies to a minority of feminists espousing sentiments that other feminists consider transphobic.

A social media user called the email from Etsy informing the seller why the products were removed ‘sinister stuff’ 

Some of the ‘TERF’ products being sold on the site, that social media users questioned why they were allowed to remain when other products were removed

The online marketplace came under fire from social media users, including Stephen Madill who wrote that it was ‘bang out of order’

Juliet questioned on Twitter how praise for JK Rowling could be considered ‘hate speech’ 

JK Rowling has been called a ‘TERF’ by transgender activists after she came under fire for insensitivity towards the transgender identity since objecting to the term ‘people who menstruate’ being used instead of ‘women’. 

The Edinburgh-based author also landed in hot water this month when she promoted a separate website which makes stridently feminist items.

After sharing a photo of a t-shirt she was wearing, which bore the slogan ‘this witch doesn’t burn’, she linked to the website of the company she had bought it from.

Wild Womyn Workshop, which sells feminist badges, stickers and clothing, sells badges which read ‘protect women only spaces,’ ‘female biology isn’t bigotry’ and ‘support detransitioners.’

Online marketplace Etsy carries a number of ‘anti-TERF’ products.

Social media users questioned why they were allowed to remain on the site when the ‘I heart JK Rowling’ products were removed. 

Etsy is understood to have reinstated the products after the backlash. 

The online marketplace was contacted for comment.  

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