Female bus driver beaten up for asking woman to put mask on in Germany

Female bus driver is beaten up for asking woman passenger to put a mask on in Germany, weeks after French bus driver was kicked to death for enforcing safety rule

  • Attack took place on bus in the city of Darmstadt, near Frankfurt, on Tuesday
  • Driver was struck several times as the attacker left the bus as part of group
  • The group, which included a child, refused to wear face masks despite requests
  • Incident comes after French bus driver Philippe Monguillot was beaten to death

A woman attacked and injured a female bus driver after refusing requests to wear a face mask in Germany.

Police are searching for the suspect after the assault in the city of Darmstadt in Hesse, near Frankfurt, on Tuesday night.

The woman, aged between 20 and 30, was part of a group including three men and a child, which fled the scene.

The attack comes in the same month French bus driver Philippe Monguillot died after being attacked by passengers who refused to wear face masks.

In Germany, everyone is required by law to wear a covering over their face while on public transport.

 The attacker had got on the bus at Darmstadt Central Station before hitting the female driver as she got off. The city mayor has quickly condemned the attack

Darmstadt Central Bus station: Where the woman, who was part of a group of five, including a child got on the bus. They refused to comply with German law and wear face masks (Stock image)

Darmstadt Mayor Jochen Partsch has condemned the incident, according to Web24News. 

He said: ‘The people to whom this violence is committed are representative of all of us, and they are doing their job to protect us all.

‘The currently increasing disrespect and violence against security forces, but also against fire departments, rescue and relief services and other employees in the public service must be stopped.’

It has been reported that the woman got on the bus at Darmstadt Central Station. No-one in her group was covering their mouths and noses.

They first insulted the driver after ignoring requests by bus driver to put on masks. 

At the end of the journey, the suspect struck the driver several times as she left the bus.

In France, bus driver Mr Monguillot made similar requests to passengers when he was attacked in Bayonne.

The attack in Germany comes in the same month French bus driver Philippe Monguillot (pictured with his wife Veronique Monguillot) was savagely beaten after he tried to enforce coronavirus rules on his bus in the southwestern town of Bayonne on Sunday

Hundreds turned out for the funeral of Mr Monguillot, aged 59. Darmstadt Mayor Jochen Partsch says the spate of attacks on transport workers must be stopped

Five days after the attack, his family said he had died from brain injuries.

Hundreds attended his funeral while thousands also took part in a protest march in the city.

Two men, in their 20s, have been charged with attempted murder. 

Last week, a bus driver in Bournemouth, in the UK, was hit with a beer can and kicked on the floor by a passenger not wearing a face mask. 

Dorset Police are investigating. 

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