Fiancée of ex-Sunderland owner suffers seven year ‘nightmare’ after botched boob job causes sepsis hell

A WAG who developed sepsis after a botched boob job operation has describedher seven year "nightmare" – almost after the horror surgery.

Laura Clarke, 36, the fiancée of former Sunderland AFC’s boss Stewart Donald last week won a £150k pay out over the horror ordeal.

The mum-of-three, from Oxford, was left “screaming in agony” after a series of blunders left her with potentially fatal infections.

She flew to Poland in 2015 for a breast lift, and had been saving for the operation for years but ended up having life-saving surgery in England after contracting sepsis.

Laura said: “The pain and discomfort I felt came on pretty soon after the surgery and continued to get worse. 

"By the following day, I was in agony and felt feverish.  I told the nurse who came to change my dressings how poorly I was feelings but she just said I was fine.


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“My condition got worse, and I don’t really know how I got back on the flight home. Fortunately, when I landed my family took me straight to hospital where I was diagnosed with sepsis. 

“I can’t remember much about initially being in hospital as I was that poorly, but my family have said I was critically ill.

“However, overcoming sepsis wasn’t the end of it. The last few years have been a nightmare.

Laura, who appeared in the Netflix doc ‘Sunderland Till I Die, sued Dr Adam Kalecinski, and his company Noa Clinic Uslugi Medyczne for compensation.

The nightclub dancer was awarded more than £150,000 by a top judge after an expert said the treatment left her at risk of death.

The last few years and trying to come to terms with both the physical and mental ordeal she’s been through has been incredibly difficult

She added: "I’ve undergone a lot of further operations, including skin grafting and revision surgery.  The whole experience has been terribly upsetting. 

“If I’d have known then what I do now I wouldn’t have booked the trip. I didn’t book it on a whim and spent months looking into various options.

“Everything seemed fine and I felt reassured by the fact that the doctors had worked in the UK and everything was communicated in English.

“Nothing will change what happened to me or make up for nearly dying, but I’m thankful that I’ve got justice for what happened.

"I just hope that by speaking out I can help stop what happened to me happening to others.”

Laura had found the clinic by searching online, and met with him before being told that the procedure would be more “straightforward and cheaper” if it took place in Poland.

After the surgery she was left in agony, was unable to take her underwear off, and quickly returned home where she fell critically ill.

She said she was told by Dr Kalecinski that she had "a very low pain threshold" but he ultimately removed the implants.

The night after they were removed, she woke up "drenched in sweat" and called emergency numbers given to her, but none were answered.

Instead, she decided to fly back to the UK by herself, boarding a plane in a wheelchair to be met by her mum.

Medics claimed that her mum go her to the hospital “in the nick of time” after spotting the signs of sepsis, and doctors at Southampton Hospital told he family that she might not survive.

The judge awarded her £34,684.71 damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity, £27,891.99 for past losses and £92,497.47 for future losses and expenses, a total of over £155,000.


Cheryl Palmer-Hughes, international cosmetic surgery lawyer at Irwin Mitchell who represened Laura, added: “What happened to Laura cannot be downplayed. She was close to death after developing her infection as a result of the substandard care she received abroad.

“The last few years and trying to come to terms with both the physical and mental ordeal she’s been through has been incredibly difficult.

"While Laura has overcome sepsis she’s required a number of revision surgeries to try and rectify the complications she’s been left with.

“While nothing can make up for what she’s been through we’re pleased to have secured the answers Laura deserved.

"This court finding will hopefully provide some closure and allow Laura to move on from what happened to her the best she can.

“Sadly we’re seeing increasing numbers of cases involving people travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery.

“While on the face of it such trips looks appealing and websites look professional, there can often be a complex system behind such bookings and who may be responsible if something does go wrong.

“There are always risks to consider in any type of surgical treatment, but there are particular risks involved in having a surgical procedure in a different country. 

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"We’d encourage people to thoroughly research various options before committing to any procedure.

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