Freshers week madness as students take to the streets and cause chaos

University of STRIFE! Freshers week carnage as sozzled students hurl punches, collapse on street, get carted off by paramedics or led away by police

  • Thousands of new university students arrived in Manchester and enjoyed a night out in the pubs and clubs 
  • Teenagers were spotted slumped in doorways, kissing on the street and being helped by paramedics 
  • Police were out on full force to help the wave of students get safely home after a drunken night of partying
  • Fresh-faced students  in Portsmouth also enjoyed an alcohol fuelled night but with some unsavoury scenes

Thousands of teenagers will be nursing a hangover this morning from a night of partying after a new wave of students started at university this week. 

Some may even be nursing more than a hangover with the alcohol proving too much in some cases with brawls erupting in the early hours with police forced to arrest some party-goers.  

Drunken scenes up and down the UK show the students launching themselves into the partying lifestyle as they spent their first weekend away from home as police urge new students to stick together on nights out. 

Cities across the UK like Portsmouth and Manchester are bursting with fresh faces as they take to the pubs and clubs for the latest installment of freshers week.

Teenagers were spotted slouched in doorways, sprawled on pavements, canoodling on the street and carrying each other home. 

Some unsavoury scenes took place with new students in Manchester brawling in the streets. Pictures also show a young man handcuffed and being led to a police car by officers.

Similar scenes took place during Portsmouth’s official Freshers Moving In Party when a young man and a friend managed to evade police and bouncers after a fight at 1:30 am. 

For some freshers it all proved too much, with some students being helped by paramedics and others taking a rest on the pavement next to police.     

A brawl at 1.30am where two men escaped from the large number of door staff and Police in Guildhall Walk in Portsmouth

The two men managed to escape despite a large security presence in the form of police and door staff in Portsmouth  

Friends try to restore calm after a fight erupts between two young men in Manchester city centre during freshers this week

An action packed night of alcohol-induced frivolity included students passing out in the street but not for these two 

Despite many others staggering back to their beds this student found the energy to perform an early morning hand stand

Despite some ugly scenes in Portsmouth and Manchester many, like these Portsmouth students, were able to remain sensible

Two ladies were spotted just after 2am walking in their pyjamas and dressing gowns in the street but not these glam ladies

This young woman partied beyond her capabilities and was one of a number of people paramedics tended to in Manchester

A young man is taken to the back of a police van after a raucous night in Manchester city centre where 1200 students partied

The smae young man is seen her speaking to two officers from the Greater Manchester Police while he is in handcuffs

Over 1200 students boozed the night away in Manchester Tiger Tiger Nightclub in Manchester but it was too much for some

 Two good friends carry their fellow partier after the alcohol-fuelled night became too much for him in Portsmouth last night 

One friend of the dazed young man takes matters in to his own hands as he decides to fling him over his shoulder 

A young woman and a young man take care of a friend who is slumped over against a shop front in Manchester city centre 

Drunk revellers in Manchester having a good time as they head towards Deansgate lock near the centre of the city

Thousands of Portsmouth University freshers hit the pubs and clubs in Guildhall Walk in Portsmouth, last night

An impromptu wrestling match breaks out between two students in Portsmouth, but it was all in good spirits as they laughed

Big screen in Guildhall square warned students about excessive drinking, which didn’t stop some, although many were sensible as lectures started this morning 

One girl appears to lose her shoe as she is helped by a friend to walk after the first night of partying for fresher week in Manchester

Thankfully the girl in the animal print jumpsuit has a good friend with her as she gets her shoe repaired by her denim-clad pal

Group of boys get spoken to by police who stepped up their patrols as more than 85,000 students descended onto the streets

One new student looks worse for wear after an alcohol-fuelled night as she is carried by a friend outside a nightclub 

Police watch over a girl who drunkenly slumps on the pavement after Freshers week proved too much for her in Manchester

A couple slump on the floor together while a male friend keeps a watchful eye over them as the night proves too much 

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    Two boys uses the wall to lean against and have a cigarette after a tough night of partying as a paramedic tends to them

    One couple appear to get very close as they engage in an unusual way of kissing- as a friend tries to pull them apart

    A woman sits with her head in her hands on the pavement as the first night of freshers draws to a close 

    A woman is helped to her feet by a male friend as they take a break from the antic to have a rest on a bench 

    Two friends look exhausted and ready to go home as they wait for a taxi after a long night of drinking and dancing 

    One couple look very close as they clasp hands and hug on the street as they appear to swap numbers in the street

    A pair of students look deep in drunken conversation as they carry each other home after the first night of weekend antics

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