Furious asthma-sufferer posts expletive-laden note to neighbour blasting them for smoking inside block of flats

A FURIOUS asthma sufferer threatened to slice their neighbour into "small pieces" for smoking inside their block of flats in an expletive-laden note..

The neighbour, who has branded themselves "f****** mad, crazy on mind", also says they will feed them "to the dogs" because of smoking in communal areas.

The asthma sufferer claims they are struggling to breathe in the lifts because of the smoke, before launching into a four-letter rant at the mystery Bermondsey resident.

The note, which was posted on Facebook page S*** London, says: "HI! if you smoke right now please read that.

"I am your neighbour, and I am f****** suffering of Astma [sic] and I can't breathe in the lift because of your f****** ciggaretes [sic], so if you can't wait 1 minute and f****** start destroying your Lands [sic], If I see you in the lift smoking I can't fight you but I promise I'll slice you in small pieces and give it to dogs.

"P.S. If I won't do nr.1 REMEMBER in the Closed premises surprisingly or not, SMOKING IS PROHIBITED (YES C***, IS NOT ALLOWED), and is Anti-Social behaviour, especially in the LIFT.

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"Therefore if I SEE YOU, I f****** send picture of you straight away to Council and Police, see how you'll deal with that and…


"Sincerely and with love,

"Your f****** mad, crazy on mind neighbour."

The post on S*** London has already had more than 200 likes since it was put on the page earlier today by Thomas James Godfrey.

He wrote: "Found in a block in Bermondsey. PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO READ THIS MASTERPIECE."

The post has left Facebook users divided, with some taking the side of the person who wrote the note.

Neil Williams said: "He is right – smoking in communal areas of flats is downright antisocial."

Sarah Priscilla wrote: "Smoking kills but not fast enough! Solidarity with the writer of this missive."

But others simply said the writer obviously needed a cigarette.

Rob Bromage said: "I just wanna take up smoking and puff away like a chimney in that lift now."

While Sticks Lewis argued: "As bad as smoking in an enclosed space is (and it is bad)… threatening to chop someone into small pieces?"

Many social media users have also been quick to point out the note writer's poor spelling.

Charlotte Bell said: "I find threats a lot less threatening when the spelling or grammar isn't so great."

While Chris Shortall wrote "Destroying my lands? I didn't realise it was so unsocial that the vikings would come over to burn and pillage."

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