'Giant' seagull appears ready to eat a couple on a romantic walk at the beach

HARD to swallow, but a giant seagull appears ready to eat a couple on a beach.

The bird walked into shot and appeared to tower over Jace Spicer, 26, and girlfriend Makita Donovan, 24, as they filmed a romantic walk towards the sunset.

The couple were hoping to capture the precious moment on camera and were completely oblivious to the seagull intruder.

Jace, of Wickham, Western Australia, said: “We honestly thought we’d done well.

"It wasn’t until the next day when we decided to have a look at the footage and what wonderful photos we had taken that we realised what had happened.

“We burst out laughing. It’s the best photobomb that’s happened to us.

“I turned to Makita and said, ‘What if that’s where I went to propose to you’.”

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