Grandmother, 50, becomes Britain’s oldest mother of quadruplets

Grandmother, 50, becomes Britain’s oldest mother of quadruplets after giving birth to three girls and a boy by c-section having conceived the babies using £7,000 of IVF she spent her inheritance on

  • Tracey Britten, 50, gave birth to twin  girls, another girl and a boy last month
  • The four young babies were immediately taken into intensive care at hospital 
  • The grandmother-of-eight still hoping babies will be home in time for Christmas
  • Tracey spent £7,000 and successfully underwent IVF at a clinic in Cyprus 

A fifty-year-old has ‘made history’ after becoming Britain’s oldest mother of quadruplets.

Tracey Britten, 50, gave birth to twin girls, another baby girl and a boy, via caesarean section last month at 31 weeks.

The youngsters were immediately taken into intensive care, but are making such good progress the proud mother is hoping her new brood will be home in time for Christmas.

The grandmother-of-eight, told The Sun: ‘I’m so grateful. I just can’t wait to get them home.

Beaming new mother Tracey Britten, 50, called her the birth of her new children a ‘miracle’

A scan when Tracey Britten was pregnant showing the babies conceived through IVF at a clinic in Cyprus

‘It’s been a whirlwind and I’m so grateful. One of the quads has had so many tubes around her that I haven’t seen her face properly.

‘The babies have not all been together yet, each hooked up to different machines.’ 

The 50-year-old described her new children as a ‘miracle’, is still deciding on names for them with father Stephen.

She added: ‘I only wanted one child and was blessed with four. It’s a miracle. I didn’t realise we’ve made history. I was told they simply couldn’t pull through at my age.’

Tracey is already a mother to three grown-up children — a daughter and two sons — and grandmother to eight, aged between seven months and 11 years.

The grandmother-of-eight, posing with one of her new children, is hoping they will all be home in time for Christmas

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As her 50th birthday approached last December, instead of heralding a natural end to her dreams of a fourth child, it brought renewed resolve for Tracey and eventually led her to an IVF clinic in Cyprus.

She previously told The Mail: ‘We were desperate for another child and would have been ecstatic to have been having twins. But when the sonographer told me nine weeks into the pregnancy that I was carrying four babies, I burst into tears,’ admits Tracey.

‘Although I had four embryos implanted to maximise my chances of conceiving, never in my wildest dreams did I expect to have quads.’

She went to the clinic in Cyprus, The Kolan British IVF Center, where a doctor declared her physically ‘like a 30-year-old’.

Tracey Britten, 50, gave birth to identical twin girls, another baby girl and a boy, via caesarean last month at 31 weeks, beating million-to-one odds

Tracey spent £7,000 on the IVF, which was money left to her in her mother’s will.

Staff at the clinic extracted her eggs and fertilised them with her husband’s sperm.

Four were implanted and, while only three took, one of those divided to create the identical twins.

However, on October 19, at her 30-week scan, doctors spotted that one baby was struggling.

She was warned it could put the other three in danger. 

She was admitted to London’s University College Hospital for an operation and a team of 35 medics helped to deliver the babies.

Tracey has previously faced criticism online that she is being selfish but has always insisted she is not too old for children and nobody complains about ageing rockstars like Mick Jagger who become parents.

She previously told The Mail: ‘No one criticised Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood or Elton John when they became fathers in their 60s and 70s,’ says Tracey defiantly. ‘So why are they attacking me?

‘I’ll cope better now than when I first became a mum in my teens and couldn’t help wondering what else I was missing out on. 

‘I’ve done everything I want to do now, so I’ll just be able to devote myself to my babies.’

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