Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Scone!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Scone! Baker casts a spell on her oven to create sweet gingerbread version of Hogwarts Castle

  • Lisa Holy from Willoughby, Ohio spent 25 hours to bake the magical cake
  • She used  gingerbread pieces, Rice Krispies cakes, fondant and icing
  • The gingerbread Hogwarts castle  features grape stems for baron winter trees 

A creative Harry Potter superfan has casted a spell on her oven to create a unique gingerbread version of the Hogwarts Castle. 

Harry Potter fan, Lisa Holy spent 25 hours to bake the beautiful cake on a wooden base.

The talented baker from Willoughby, Ohio, assembled the various gingerbread pieces to make the skeleton of the model on a layer of fondant on top of Rice Krispies cakes.

A Harry Potter superfan made a gingerbread replica of the magical Castle

She has also used LED lights and icing sugar to give the cake a more Christmassy aesthetic.

Interesting details such as grape stems for baron winter trees add more level of realism to the castle.

Lisa said: ‘I love baking, I love Harry Potter and I haven’t made many gingerbread houses before but it seemed like a fun activity so I went for it.

The skilled baker spent 25 hours to bake the Hogwarts cake on a wooden base

‘It ended up being a busier than expected holiday baking season for me so I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to finish.

‘Sometimes I surprise myself with what I’m actually capable of doing.

‘I knew it was going to be a fun project but I had no idea that it would turn out as amazing as it did.

‘My husband was a huge help with the building measurements to be able to make it the castle to scale.

Lisa Holy used a layer of fondant on top of Rice Krispies cakes to make the base 

‘His engineering background with my baking skills seems to be the perfect combination for a gingerbread masterpiece.’   

The magical seven-storey castle is home to the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

The adventures of the clever wizard have sparked Harry Potter mania across the world with six sequels, 500 million copies sold and hit movie adaptations starring Daniel Radcliffe.

The stunning cake has even LED lights and icing sugar to look more Christmassy

In October a rare first edition of the ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ has sold for £75,000 at auction.  

It had been sat on a bookshelf for 21 years before its owner realised its value.  

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