Harry Styles and James Corden hilariously make music video in random NYC apartment

On Thursday's The Late Late Show With James Corden, Harry Styles let James Corden direct the music video for the pop star's song "Daylight" from his new album, Harry's House, which was released just last week. But there was an added challenge: Corden had to shoot the video on a budget of $300 and within three hours in New York City.

After finally finding people who would let Corden and Styles use their home to film in — which was surprisingly difficult as the first two women straight up said no — hilarity ensued.

Despite never directing a music video before, Corden actually had some pretty creative ideas starting with placing Styles fully clothed in a bathtub and singing the chorus under mood lighting. "I want this to be just, like, sexy as f***," Corden hilariously stated.

Corden set the tone for Styles, saying, "OK, listen, you're in the bath. You're fully clothed. People are going to think there's a deeper meaning. There isn't. But you think there is. And show us there is. But not that much."


In the next scene, Corden envisioned Styles walking in slow motion down a hallway with glitter streamers impersonating an old, and then a young, Mick Jagger.

"I can't stress this enough — this was all James's idea. I was in a Christopher Nolan movie, now this is my dressing room," said Harry as he sat in the bathroom waiting for the next scene. "Should we just scrap it? Is it too late to just do a Carpool Karaoke?"

However, one scene that may have been a bit questionable took place on the roof of the apartment, with Corden in a full green-screen onesie suit for some "special effects."

“Is that a box?” Styles asked, pointing at Corden’s crotch, where the late night host was wearing a cup. “Yes, you’re not allowed to show the outline of a phallus on CBS, OK?”

And, in the end, after all of the weird and awkward things Corden put Styles through, honestly, the music video didn't turn out all that bad!


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