Having sex frequently can cure painful kidney stones in women

FREQUENT sex can cure painful kidney stones in women, a study reveals.

Regular romps were found to boost their chances of spontaneously passing the lumps by more than half.

Three to four weekly sessions were enough to help many women get over their problem within two weeks.

Larger stones — about the size of a Malteser — passed unaided after four weeks of sex, the study found.

Normally, fewer than half come out naturally. Instead, patients have to seek surgery or shockwave therapy to tackle the problem.

But experts think chemicals released during lovemaking and orgasm boost contraction of key muscles, helping to expel the stones.

Researchers followed 70 women who had kidney stones trapped in their urinary tracts. Half were told to have sex three to four times a week for a month, with the rest told to abstain.

Two weeks later, 80 per cent who had regular romps were cured. Just 51 per cent of those who avoided intimacy managed to expel the stones.

The findings by Avrasya University in Turkey were published in the journal International Urology and Nephrology.

Earlier studies have shown that men who have sex three to four times a week are also more likely to pass their stones.

About one in ten Brits will develop a kidney stone, which are created by a build-up of hard calcium salts.

They can be extremely painful and can lead to kidney infections or even damage the organ if left untreated.

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