Hot weather forecast: Heatwave to BAKE UK as long-range charts show 5-DAY scorcher – maps

A scorching spell of warm weather is set to strike Britain as temperatures soar to highs of 27C (80F) later this month. Plumes of hot air will move across the UK from Europe on Wednesday, July 22 until Sunday, July 26. The latest weather maps produced by NetWeather.TV shows large areas of the south of England turning dark red as searing heat closes in from the continent.

The area of high pressure is set to peak on Thursday, July 23 with highs of 27C in the south of England, 24C in the Midlands and 21C in Wales and Scotland.

The heat blast will arrive from Wednesday, July 22 with the mercury reaching 24C in the south, 20C in the north and 21C in Wales.

Heading into Friday the dry and bright conditions will continue with highs of 26C in London, 24C in the Midlands and 23C in the north.

By Saturday the band of high pressure will continue to move in a northwesterly direction with temperatures reaching 25C in London, 24C in the northwest and 23C in Wales.

Going into Sunday the weather charts continue to darken as heat pushes in from France and Portugal where mercury there soars above 30C.

NetWeather.TV‘s long-range forecast states the area of high pressure is coming across the UK from the tropical Azores.

The forecast for the week beginning July 20 says the best of the summer conditions will be felt across southern and central parts of the UK, with a chance of a few chilly spells for the north in between the sunshine.

NetWeather.TV said: “During this week, high pressure will generally be close to the British Isles, ridging into southern and western areas from the Azores.

“But there will be a generally westerly or northwesterly flow on the periphery of the high pressure area, and there is also potential for one or two chilly northerly blasts.”

It adds: “Much of southern, central and eastern England will probably see very little rain, and locally some locations may see no rain at all this week, with the far south most likely to stay completely dry.”

BBC Weather’s long-range forecast for the end of the month says the UK should see above-average temperatures in the south before the warm weather moves northwards.

It states: “High pressure is expected to be to the south of the British Isles through this period, and this should extend northwards into the south of the UK.

“As a result, southern and central parts of England and Wales should see many dry, settled days, and with temperatures close to, or slightly above, average.”


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The forecast for soaring temperatures comes a year to the date the record for the hottest ever day in the UK was broken.

The Met Office confirmed 38.7C was recorded at the Botanic Garden in Cambridge on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

This figure exceeded the previous record of 38.5°C recorded in Faversham, Kent, in August 2003.

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