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NEW rules ordering Brits in England to wear face masks or coverings in public settings have come into force as the nation battles coronavirus.

With England almost out of lockdown, people are now required to wear masks in shops, on transport and in some businesses to reduce the spread of COVID-19 – or risk getting slapped with a £100 fine.

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Covering the mouth and nose reduces the risk of asymptomatic carriers — people who are infected but show no symptoms — from passing on the bug.

There is a multitude of options for wearing masks, from high end fashion accessories to simple and cheaper disposable masks.

Or, you could get creative and resourceful by making your own with just an old T-shirt.

Four simple steps to make your own face covering from a T-shirt

Step one: Using the scissors cut a line across the width of the T-shirt around 20cm

Step two: From the top of the right hand corner of the fabric, measure 2cm below this and then make a 15cm horizontal cut through both sides of the fabric

Step three: The next step is to cut downwards until you reach 2cm above the edge.

Now make another 15cm cut that runs parallel to the bottom to make a rectangle that can be thrown away.

Step four: Now, to make the ties that secure the mask you need two long strips of fabric. Then unfold the main piece of fabric and place over the mouth and nose to secure. This then needs to be tied around the head and around the neck.

What are the new rules for shops?

The government has ordered that people entering shops must now wear face masks – and those flouting the law in England could face a £100 fine.

The new mandatory measure came into force from Friday, July 24 as a way to stop people spreading the virus post-lockdown, with most businesses now reopen to the public – provided they are Covid-secure.

Shopkeepers have been told to report lawbreaking customers to cops – but officers have warned it will be impossible to police.

The new Covid-19 rule comes after ministers were criticised for contradicting each other on the need for masks.

Boris Johnson said wearing a mask while shopping is a vital "insurance policy" to stop a second wave of coronavirus.

The Government is asking people to wear a simple face covering, and not to buy up PPE standard medical masks as they are still needed for the NHS.

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