Illegal lockdown raves see police swarm on woodlands as hundreds flout coronavirus rules at all-night parties

COPS have busted lockdown illegal raves as hundreds flouted the law to party in woodlands.

A rave attended by 500 people in Epping Forest was shut down by the Met Police in the early hours, while cops in Norfolk worked to break up an event that was still going on well after dawn.

The coronavirus lockdown has seen huge illegal raves spring up across the country, which are heavily promoted across social media.

The Epping Forest event began on Saturday night in the heart of the beauty spot but eight noise complaints were made by local residents.

An unofficial organiser said the ravers went deep into the forest and used the noise of the nearby A406 North Circular road to try to cover some of the sound from the music.

Norfolk Police said they working to shut down a rave near Swaffham on Sunday morning .

Officers were called out to woodland in Hilborough and it’s thought the party started late last night.

The incident remains ongoing and officers are working to close the event.

Police checks in the area are causing some build-up of traffic, in particular on the A1065 south of Hilborough, and the public are asked to avoid the area. 

A Met Police spokesperson said officers were called at 12.43am on to reports of a large group of people gathered at an unlicensed music event in Epping Forest.

Those in attendance were dispersed by 3.19am and there were no arrests.

“UMEs are illegal, have no security, are not insured, are not ticketed and they are frequently associated with anti-social behaviour and violence.
“Those attending a UME are putting themselves at risk.”

The force said it will work with organisers and local authorities to “shut down events at the earliest opportunity”.

If organisers fail to comply, police will use legislation to seize sound systems and laptops while arrests will be made if people fail to comply with orders to disperse, said the Met.

Illegal raves have been a nightmare for police during lockdown.

Large areas of northeast London were placed under 'dispersal orders' as partygoers defied calls to stay home.

And a man in his 20s died from a suspected drug overdose following "quarantine raves" in Manchester, which also saw three people stabbed.

Officers fear Britain is facing a summer of illicit parties as young people fed up with lockdown and unable to go to clubs or festivals attend underground events.

But police warn they do not have "a standing army" to stop them once they have started and called on social media giants to stop organisers advertising.


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