Incredible aerial views of Britain from crop circles to Jonathan Creek's windmill captured by drone photographer

From druid revellers gathered at Stonehenge to the rolling hills of Hampshire, the snaps show never before seen angles of iconic British landscapes.

The stills were shot by professional snapper Chris Gorman who took 30 years of ground-based camera experience to the skies with a high tech drone.

Each picture is linked by a common theme: they capture dramatic and distinctly British scenes from above.

One image shows the morning mist swirling around Shipley Windmill in East Sussex, which is known to many as the home of TV character Jonathan Creek.

The incredible landscape view was shortlisted this week in the British Photography Awards.

Another snap looks down on perfectly-cut crop circles in in Target Wood, Dorset.

The formation depicts the Tree of Life – a mystical symbol used in the ancient Jewish tradition of the Kabbalah – and appeared on a farmland near Badbury Rings last year.

Gorman's night photography is just as breathtaking, with pictures capturing the bright lights of Winter Wonderland in London as the capital's skyline twinkles int he background.

He also flew his drone close to an explosive firework display at Leeds Castle in Kent.

Crumbling British castles also feature in Gorman's Big Ladder collection.

Images range from aerial views of Arundel Castle in West Sussex to shots of the sun beaming through the ruins of Corfe Castle in Dorset.

Gorman's work has taken him across the UK, New Zealand, the Pacific and Europe.

His landscape work in New Zealand saw him chosen to be exhibited in the Photographer of the Year Competition.

After mastering the art of ground photography, Gorman – a fully qualified CAA/PfCO pilot – applied his broad knowledge and adaptive style to the medium of drone photography.

The work took him quite literally to new heights as he explored the gorgeous British countryside with a quad copter armed with high quality camera.

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