Instagram influencer YX wakes his girlfriend with a karaoke machine

And you think your alarm is annoying? Guy puts a karaoke speaker next to his sleeping partner to ‘serenade’ her awake – but she is not impressed

  • Instagram influencer YX woke his girlfriend up singing a song in a falsetto voice
  • Helpfully, he starts singing ‘you’re late for work’ elongating all of the syllables
  • His girlfriend soon wakes up and throws a pillow at YX in an effort to stop him
  • The girlfriend pleaded with him ‘why can’t you wake me like a normal person’  

 An Instagram influencer has filmed himself waking up his girlfriend with a karaoke machine while singing ‘you are late for work’. 

The artist, known as YX, sneaked into his girlfriend’s bedroom and placed a small karaoke speaker on the duvet beside her ear. 

He then starts playing a soothing melody before launching into his improvised ditty. 

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Instagram influencer YX, pictured right, woke his girlfriend up using a karaoke machine

Using a high-pitched falsetto voice, he began singing ‘you’re late for work’ 

Though, the girlfriend fired a pillow at YX in an effort to stop his morning sing song

This is the seventh episode of a series of videos titled ‘She Hates Me’. 

A caption on the screen proclaimed that his girlfriend’s alarm clock was not functioning so he wanted to help. 

In a falsetto voice, the man sings: ‘You’re late for work. You’re late for work.’

After about ten seconds, his girlfriend sits up on the bed and raises her pillow and smashes him in the face.

As his girlfriend walks around the edge of the bed, he tries to defend himself through the medium of song.

He continued: ‘I tried to wake you up.’

To which she responds: ‘Try to wake me up like a normal person.’

He sang: ‘You sleep too long,’ before the end of the video. 

YX, pictured, ended his performance with the helpful line ‘you sleep too long’ 

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