Internet wonders if Mike Bloomberg knows how to eat ice cream

An awkward ice cream tasting video put out by Michael Bloomberg left some critics cold Wednesday.

The campaign clip — posted on Bloomy’s official Twitter account to tout the New York City company Big Gay Ice Cream  — shows the Democratic presidential hopeful stiffly nibbling a scoop of the frozen treat before offering up a joyless, “Mmmmh.”

The clip is likely part of the former New York mayor’s push to highlight his support of LGBTQ groups — but it left the internet wondering if the billionaire actually knows how to eat ice cream.

“Im 100% certain Bloomberg is a robot. Who scoops ice cream like that??” one Twitter user wrote.

Another observer teased,  “Bloomberg doing his best to prove he’s a good non-human billionaire” while another bashed, “So cringeworthy.”

“Does Michael Bloomberg Know How to Eat Ice Cream?” a Vice food writer wondered, before adding, “We’re not so sure.”

The video, titled “Mike Love[s] Big Gay Ice Cream” was posted Tuesday night along with a rainbow flag emoji.

In it, Bloomberg asks “Where is my ice cream?” and is handed a pint, which he apathetically stabs with a spoon.

He then takes a tiny bite of the melted dessert, holds up the pint and robotically proclaims, “Big Gay Ice Cream is the best.”

Bloomberg surged to forth place nationally Tuesday, knocking Pete Buttigieg out of the pack, according to a new poll.

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