Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post on a hiring spree

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The Jeff Bezos era has been very good to the Washington Post.

The money-losing newspaper that the Amazon founder bought for $250 million in 2013 not only remains profitable but continues to grow with plans to add 44 journalism jobs in 2021, pushing the total newsroom staff to an all-time high of 1,010, the company said Monday.

Jobs will be added to create new bureaus in Sydney and Bogota and to expand existing news hubs in London and Seoul with the aim of improving global coverage and assuring the paper, popularly known as WaPo, has 24/7 staffing.

The London and Seoul news hub will each add four breaking-news reporters and two breaking-news editors, as well as a visuals editor, an audience editor and at least one multiplatform editor.

The Post also said will be broadening its coverage of personal technology in 2021, adding eight reporters and editors to a technology team that has been growing over the years and now has 19 journalists.

The publisher turned profitable three years after Bezos purchased the paper from the Graham family. Its aggressive coverage of President Trump helped the bottom line, but also seemingly put it on a permanent collision course with the president, who has derided it as “the Amazon Washington Post.”

Executive editor Marty Baron over the weekend attributed the paper’s growth to “a lot more than a Trump bump,” saying investments in coverage has helped attract new readers. “I think people realize now that in order to get high quality journalism, you have to pay for it, and they want to support it,” Baron said in an interview with CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday.

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