Jodie Chesney's dad tells 17-year-old's killer 'you've destroyed something beautiful' and pleads 'someone knows who did, just do the right thing'

Peter Chesney said the 17-year-old “wouldn’t have done anything to deserve this” after she was stabbed in the back and killed near Romford on Friday.

He told Sky News: “Someone knows who did this. Just do the right thing.

“You’ll never know the pain that you’ve caused and the beauty you’ve taken away. They’ve destroyed something beautiful here. It’s just a disgrace.

“Get this guy who did it, get some justice for Jodie. We need this, Jodie needs this. It's just horrendous.”

Jodie was listening to music with five friends in Harold Hill, East London, when they were approached by two males.


The teenager was stabbed in the back before the pair ran away from the scene – on her dad's 39th birthday.

Peter added: “She was the nicest person any of us knew. Everything about her was about being kind and good and thoughtful for others.

“There’s no way you could do this to a nicer person. She really was just the nicest person ever.”

Cops investigating the brutal murder of the schoolgirl arrested a 20-year-old man in Leicester on Tuesday.

It followed a tip off that the suspects had travelled to the East Midlands following the random stabbing of the Girl Scout.

The unnamed suspect whose age has not been released was due to be brought down to London by Met Police officers to be questioned over the brutal murder of the popular teenager.

Asked what Jodie was like, Peter said she was a "proud geek", who was a "great girl", and added: "The fibre of her being was just about being good, kind… there was nothing bad in her body."


Her stepmother Joanne said Jodie, who did not realise how popular she was, was "very dry" and "did not have a filter", who said exactly what she thought whether someone wanted to hear it or not.

Mr Chesney added: "Infectious personality, easy to get along with, no pretension at all. She wouldn't have hurt anybody."

Her family said she loved animals – particularly dogs – and had once wanted to be a vet.

Jodie’s uncle Rev Dave Chesney, a vicar at an East London church, said the family were devastated over the “random and unprovoked attack on a beautiful and quirky young girl with her whole life in front of her”.

Jodie – who lived with her dad and stepmum Joanne in nearby Dagenham – became the 14th person to be knifed to death in the capital this year.

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