Kate Middleton made mistake with curtsy at royal wedding – and Meghan Markle made sure she didn’t repeat it

So she probably took advice on the do's and don'ts for the big day – including not making the same "mistake" as her sister-in-law.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William at Westminster Abbey back in 2011, she appeared to forget to follow royal protocol.

While she must've had a million other things on her mind, the Duchess of Cambridge didn't curtsy as she passed the Queen on her way up the aisle.

British etiquette expert William Henson said: “The bride actually has to curtsy to the Queen when she gets to where the Queen is sitting, and Catherine Middleton forgot to do this when she was walking up the aisle.”

She may have remembered after exchanging vows and saved herself, according to Mr Henson, as he says she "did do it on the way out".

Speaking in the 2013 Netflix documentary The Royals, Mr Henson added: “Protocol is so important and that’s everything from who arrives when, the order they arrive in, obviously the bride is the last person to arrive, but the guest who arrives last is the Queen."

The apparent mistake wasn't repeated when Meghan married Harry earlier this year at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

The former Suits star was sure to give a clear curtsy to her Majesty before she continued on to meet her groom.

Not all royal wedding protocols have stuck though – Prince William broke tradition when he asked his younger brother to be his best man.

Harry also returned the favour this year when it was his turn to get married.

Traditionally, the groom wouldn't have a best man but instead a "supporter".

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