Kelly Holmes caught short in six-hour M25 standstill – and has to squat

Many drivers have been caught short while stuck in a traffic jam.

And Dame Kelly Holmes is no different – as she found herself desperately needing the toilet during a huge standstill on the M25 yesterday afternoon.

The Olympic champion was among thousands of motorists stranded for nearly six hours after two lorries were involved in a serious crash.

The smash, near Kent’s Dartford Crossing, led to enormous tailbacks, with more than 200 people even offered beds for the night at an Ikea store.

Dame Kelly took to social media to reveal she was stuck in the standstill – with "nowhere to go", wearing "bright red" trousers and bursting for a wee.

Sharing a picture of the scene on Twitter, she posted: "So, what happens when your meant to be somewhere an hour ago and can’t because there is a two hour delay with a standstill, nowhere to go, nowhere to divert, in bright red trousers, in a bright blue car, Kelly Holmes and you want the loo…desperately. CRY!!! (sic)"

She later confessed to having to get out of her car to do a roadside wee.

"Sorry but I had to go!" she told her 130,000 followers several hours later.

"That’s one thing a runner does well and doesn’t care about – squatting! (It was just a wee before you start with the emojis)."

She added: "Even had the lovely traffic control guy give me some toilet roll and hand wipes!"

Dame Kelly, 48, ended up stuck in miles of traffic after the crash blocked the
approach to the Dartford Crossing.

Some drivers were marooned for nearly six hours without moving an inch after the two HGV lorries collided at around 2.35pm.

Dramatic pictures from the scene show the damaged lorries lying on their sides, with one left hanging over an embankment.

Debris could be seen littering the motorway.

Many people clambered out of their cars and began stretching their legs on the M25 clockwise carriageway amid the traffic.

Dame Kelly, from Hildenborough, Kent, shared her frustration at being among those stuck on the road – with no toilets in easy reach.

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One Twitter user jumped at the opportunity to send her a link to an
informative article detailing how to urinate while on a road trip.

The double Olympic Champion seemed to find it amusing.

Another user suggested: "Any bushes at the side of the road? How far next services…..walk there. Is there a mobile home in the jam…be cheeky?"

They added: "Moral of the story go to the loo before you leave you depart on your journey. X (sic)."

The delays stretched back from the QEII bridge as far as Junction 28 for

Dame Kelly later tweeted that she had been given some chocolate.

She wrote: "Been given some lovely Swiss chocolate by @ Lottieselt and sharing with @ c4spi4n to celebrate 14years of my Athens Olympic Gold win on the side of the road stuck in a 5 hour traffic Jam! # m25 #thanksforthechoc."

It’s thought no one was seriously injured in the crash but the motorway was closed overnight and did not reopen until 5.45am today.

Highways England said there were still some delays on the M25 clockwise approaching junction 30 following the reopening of the road.

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