Kim Jong-un reappears with ‘needle’ mark on wrist suggests he’s had heart surgery, experts claim – The Sun

KIM Jong-un appears to have a needle puncture mark on his wrist in new footage which suggests he's had heart surgery, experts claim.

The North Korea dictator, 36, reappeared yesterday at a fertilizer plant after vanishing for 20 days sparking rumours he had died or was gravely ill.

Video footage of Kim's visit to the factory in Suncheon appears to show a small wound on his right wrist – a mark which was not present on his previous public appearance on April 11.

According to NK News, a US-funded outlet known for its reliable insight into the rogue state, medical experts have assessed the clip and believe the puncture wound is related to a “cardiovascular procedure”.

Kim, who is known to struggle with his weight, is also seen riding an electric cart around the factory – a vehicle he did need while visiting the site in January, it has been reported.


In fact, the despot used a similar cart in 2014 when he reemerged using a walking stick after vanishing for 40 days following reported ankle or leg surgery.

Yesterday, he appeared alongside his sister Kim Yo-jong, who had been tipped to succeed him, at the fertilizer plant, the pictures show.

Concern over his health began when he failed to appear at an important celebration on April 15, to mark the birthday of Kim Il-sung, his grandfather and the founder of the country.


Continuing the rumours, a Chinese journalist Shijian Xingzou said a “very solid source” told her the North Korean leader had died.

Separately, a Japanese media outlet claimed Kim was in a “vegetative state” after undergoing heart surgery.

Last week, China reportedly sent medical experts to North Korea to check on the leader's health.


Yesterday Donald Trump suggested he knew what had happened to Kim, hinting he was unwell as he said he hoped "everything will be fine".

The US President said: “Kim Jong-un? I can’t tell you exactly. Yes, I do have a very good idea, but I can’t talk about it now.

“I just wish him well.”

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