Kremlin ‘firebomb attack’ as man hurls Molotov cocktail at Putin’s residence

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The Kremlin appears to be under attack by a man armed with a Molotov cocktail.

Footage posted to TikTok shows the figure hurling the homemade explosive device against the walls of the fortified government building in Moscow.

A user called @den_di1232 uploaded the clip taken by a man inside a moving vehicle, appearing to show the moment an unknown assailant smashes a Molotov cocktail against the building in which Vladimir Putin lives and conducts business.

Small fires can also be seen at the base of the Kremlin's walls.

The attack was shared by local media outlets, including Belarusian media channel NEXTA Live.

In other news, a TikTokker has been arrested in Ukraine after they posted a video showing a fleet of military vehicles parked next to a shopping mall in Kyiv, before the building was hit by a Russian airstrike.

At least eight people were killed on Sunday when the Retroville mall in the Podil district of the city was hit by "high-precision long-range weapons," as Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov put it.

The man was arrested after he "worked as a corrector for the enemy" by showing the location of the Ukrainian military.

The Security Service said in a statement: "A TikTokker recently posted on the internet about the location of the Ukrainian military in Kyiv.

"Later, the shopping center, where our defenders were, was subjected to a powerful missile strike by the Russian occupiers.

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"Knowingly or unknowingly, this man worked as a corrector for the enemy – an investigation will be established."

In a later apology video the man warned other Ukrainians not to post TikTok videos that could provide strategic information to Russian forces, a sentiment echoed by Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko.

He said Ukrainians should avoid filming or photographing anything related to "the movement of military equipment, checkpoints, strategic objects."

Russian news outlet Pravda reported that the man posted the incriminating video on February 24, the day the Russian invasion began, but it is not known for sure when exactly it was done.

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