‘Like a bomb dropped’: Ring camera catches lightning strike right near man in Florida

Saturday was a bad weather day to remember for one couple: A lightning bolt came perilously close to their Florida home.

A Ring security camera caught the terrifying seconds after the bolt hits a tree across the street, explodes, then causes a raging fire.


Check out this lighting strike caught on camera in Sebring, Florida: pic.twitter.com/N4rA445Szb

— The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel) May 10, 2022

Rodney Murphy, who was reportedly out in his yard just about 75 feet away from the blast in Sebring in Highlands County, is seen clenching his body, waiting for impact.

Amazingly, he escaped with no injuries; even he was surprised.

“It was so bright,” Murphy told News Channel 8. “That’s why I thought I was hit.”

“What I heard was like a bomb had been dropped,” added wife Denice Murphy who said her husband’s new nickname is “Lightning Rod.” “The house shook, and the bed.”

If there is lightning in your area, and you are not near a safe structure, the CDC recommends you crouch down and curl yourself into a ball, with your head tucked in, with minimal contact to the ground.

Never take shelter under a tree and stay away from all bodies of water and all elevated ground.

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