Man in bathrobe and slippers uses FLAMETHROWER to clear snow from his driveway

HILARIOUS video of a man removing snow from a driveway using a flamethrower is going viral after being posted to social media on Christmas.

Timothy Browning, of Kentucky, donned a bathrobe and slippers, reminiscent of Cousin Eddie from the holiday classic, Christmas Vacation, as he cleared the snow.

Browning posted a 30 second clip of himself using his flamethrower to Facebook, along with the caption "Browning snow services. God bless American rednecks!"

 At the start of the video, a relative recording the footage can be heard saying, "Browning snow service removal. Now available."

Browning then lights up his flamethrower and begins clearing the driveway.

He also chugs a beer in the short clip, before throwing it down into the snow.

Another clip, which appeared to be shot by a neighbor across the street shows how Browning's snow removal technique worked from a different angle.

A Twitter user who goes by the handle @ChadBlue83 shared the clip, along with the caption: "Here’s one way to do some quick snow removal, by flamethrower."

Browning's driveway does appear quite clear as snow continued to fall on Christmas Day in Ashland, Kentucky.

The video clip has been viewed more than 174,000 times.

Commenters on Facebook were quick to applaud the technique, with some asking Browning how they could get their hands on flamethrowers of their own.

Another asked if Browning would mind brining his flamethrower over to clear her driveway, too.

Eastern Kentucky was hit by a snowy and windy storm over Christmas Eve night and into Christmas morning.

Some parts of the state reported between 4 and 8 inches of snow, according to WOWK, but it appeared to be no match for Browning's flamethrower.

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