Man is ‘fought to the ground’ by passengers after trying to open a plane door mid-flight forcing an emergency landing – The Sun

A FLIGHT from Chicago to Dallas was forced to make an emergency landing in St Louis on Tuesday evening after an unruly passenger tried to open the emergency exit door mid-flight.

American Airlines flight 2300 from Chicago O'Hare Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International was at 30,000 feet when the man was wrestled to the floor by flight attendants and passengers.

A video, posted to Twitter by @KingFazir, shows the man being restrained by the crew and passengers before being escorted off the plane at around 7.40pm.

One panicked passenger, whose Twitter handle is @cransberri, tweeted that the man was "fought to the ground" by flight attendants and "subdued", but said the flight later landed safely in St Louis Lambert International Airport.

The passenger wrote: "Emergency landing because someone tried to open the emergency exit during flight and was fought to the ground"

"We landed in St. Louis safely. The flight attendants and a few passengers subdued the man to the ground until we landed. Medical attention was called."

An official at St. Louis Lambert International Airport confirmed that the man was arrested on arrival at the airport, WSBT22 reported.

A spokesman for the airport told the Mirror Online: "American Airlines 2300 did divert to STL about 7.39pm local time. Airport police assisted in removing the person off the aircraft."

The identity of the passenger has not yet been confirmed.

In October last year, a video of a man drinking whiskey from the bottle went viral as a plane made an emergency landing in Santa Domingo.

Footage shows the moment the man chugs whisky as others try to remain calm on the Swift Air flight WQ1996 from Santa Domingo to Miami, Florida.

The airplane later landed safely back into Las Americas International Airport.

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