Meghan McCain trolls Trump as Biden flips Arizona – the first Democrat to win there since 1996

MEGHAN McCain trolled Donald Trump on Twitter after news networks called her home state of Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday night.

The View co-host shared a meme with a twist on an insult Donald Trump famously hurled at her late father Sen Jon McCain, who was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee.

"In light of tonight's news….sorry I had to, the meme is too funny," she wrote.

McCain was a Navy pilot in Vietnam, where his plane was shot down captured and held as a prisoner of war for five years, during which he was repeatedly tortured.

But in 2015, Trump belittled his service and claimed the longtime Arizona Republican was "not a war hero," which he later denied.

"He’s not a war hero," said Trump, who claimed he had bone spurs to dodge the military draft, said at the time. 

"He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured."

The president has repeatedly attacked McCain throughout his White House tenure and even after the senator's death from brain cancer in 2018.

Although Trump won Arizona in 2016, Biden in 2020 secured the endorsement of McCain's widow, Cindy McCain, and is projected to win the state, making him the first Democrat to do in nearly a quarter century, according to The Hill.

During a Tuesday morning appearance on The View, Cindy McCain described Trump's election loss in Arizona as "revenge" for insulting her late husband and said the president had no one but himself to blame.

She rattled off criticisms of Trump and said hr late husband would laugh off his attacks and say "It doesn't mean anything."

"What I think happened was not just my husband’s influence, but this administration has done so poorly on so many different things," she said.

"To start, with the pandemic, the military, leaving our allies on the battlefield, pulling out of treaties."

She added: "All of those things combined, I think, made most people want to vote for [President-elect Joe] Biden."

Multiple outlets called the race for Biden at around 11:30pm Thursday night – Fox News was the first to call the state in Biden's favor, drawing ire from President Trump and his supporters.

The projection comes more than a week after polls closed on Election Day.

Since the election of Harry S. Truman in 1948, Arizona has only voted in favor of a Democratic president once – President Bill Clinton in 1996.

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