Melania Trump still doesn’t want to hold hands with Donald

President Trump is nothing if not persistent when it comes to trying to hold hands with his wife Melania — and on Tuesday he succeeded, however briefly, video of the event showed.

Standing at attention next to the first lady outside the White House, the commander-in-chief poked his left forefinger at the back of his wife’s right hand as she stood ramrod straight and refused to play nice.

Trump then tried another tactic, trying to wrap his pinkie around her finger — another effort ignored by the first lady.

Finally, he made a more determined effort to clasp her hand, reaching several digits in to try to grasp her palm.

Finally, after an awkward 13 seconds, Melania caves and squeezed back, her somber expression never changing.

It was the third time that cameras caught the president’s awkward attempts at holding hands with his third wife.

During a visit to Israel in May 2017, Trump tried to hold hands on the tarmac as they arrived — but Melania deftly swatted his hand away.

In February, Trump tried yet again as they walked side-by-side toward Air Force One in Ohio.

But Melania kept her hand inside her long yellow coat, and all the president managed was to grab a handful of her coat sleeve.

The Twitterverse quickly took notice.

“I don’t blame Melania, she doesn’t know where that hand has been,” snarked Bob Pegg.

“It was my job to distract away from the hand holding swat. I did my best but those tiny hands of his are attention magnets,” tweeted an account named “Melania’s Hat,” a reference to the wide-brimmed white hat she wore.

“Wow wow wow. He is not even close to being out of the doghouse,” added Mar.

The latest snub followed allegations from a porn actress and former Playboy Playmate that they had flings with Trump in 2006 shortly after Melania gave birth to their son and only child together.

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