Michigan woman records boyfriend loading gun before she is shot dead

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Shocking footage captured by a 20-year-old Michigan woman shows her boyfriend loading a handgun before allegedly shooting her and driving around with her body, according to a report.

Kevin A. Dixon, 19, has been ordered to face a charge of first-degree premeditated murder in the Nov. 18, 2019, death of India Elise Mackey, who was shot inside a van in front of his home in Warren, the Macomb Daily reported.

The suspect was arraigned Monday by Circuit Judge Diane Druzinski on the first-degree charge as well as possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, according to the outlet.

Dixon allegedly shot Mackey during an argument on Shirley Avenue, police told the paper.

He then drove away with the body but was pulled over by police on Gration Avenue near Nine Mile Road when they noticed the car moving erratically, according to the report.

Detective Cpl. John Gajewski said at the arraignment that Dixon provided  conflicting accounts of how Mackey was shot.

The suspect told Detroit and Eastpointe police that Mackey shot herself at his home, Gajewski said, adding that Dixon also claimed he touched the trigger and the gun went off.

The accused gunman’s mother, Nikita Dixon, 43, allegedly hid the weapon used in the shooting, police said.

She was charged with being an accessory to a crime after the fact and tampering with evidence, the Macomb Daily reported.

The slain woman celebrated her birthday a day before her death.  

The premeditated murder charge carries a mandatory term of life behind bars without parole.

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