Missing Lego piece falls out of boy's nose TWO YEARS later

Missing Lego piece falls out of seven-year-old boy’s nose TWO YEARS after he pushed it up his nostril

  • Sameer from New Zealand inserted the tiny piece of plastic in his nose in 2018
  • His parents took the boy to a doctor who failed to find the Lego part at the time
  • The missing piece unexpectedly dropped out of Sameer’s nostril two years later
  • It reappeared when the young child took a big sniff of cupcakes and felt a pain

A boy in New Zealand had a missing piece of Lego fall out of his nose two years after he pushed it up his nostril.

Seven-year-old Sameer Anwar, from Dunedin, New Zealand, was taken to a local GP by his parents after he inserted the tiny toy part into his nose in 2018.

Doctors were unable to find it. But the Lego piece unexpectedly fell out of Sameer’s nostril after the child sniffed a plate of cupcakes over the weekend.

Even though doctors had been unable to find it at the time, the Lego piece (pictured) unexpectedly fell out of Sameer’s nostril when the child took a deep sniff of cupcakes

The young boy was brought to the doctors by his concerned parents who found out that their son had lost a piece of Lego, part of a Lego character’s arm, up his nose.

‘One day he just told us he had slipped in a tiny piece of Lego and then we tried our best to bring it out but nothing came out,’ Mudassir Anwar, Sameer’s father, told The New Zealand Herald.

After having a thorough examination, the local GP failed to find the minuscule piece of black plastic inside the young patient’s nose.

The doctor advised the parents that the piece may have never been up Sameer’s nostril or it had moved through his digestive system naturally.

The parents soon forgot about the missing Lego piece after Sameer showed no signs of pains or distress.

‘Since then he’s never complained or anything,’ Mr Anwar said. He also told The Guardian that his son was ‘quite playful and a mischievous character’.

Then on Sunday night, the young boy, who was excited by a plate of pink cupcakes he was having, took a big sniff of the sugary treats and felt a sudden pain in his nose.

Thinking he’d sniffed up some cake crumbs, Sameer’s mother helped her son blow his nose to clear his nostrils.

To their surprise, the missing piece of black Lego, covered in fungus, popped out of the child’s nose instead.

Sameer, who remains a fan of the colourful plastic bricks, was thrilled to discover the Lego piece, saying to his parents: ‘Mum, I found the Lego! You were telling me it wasn’t there, but it was there!’

Apparently, it was not the first time Sameer has put something up his nose.

His father said that the boy had pushed an imitation pearl up his nostril when he was three-year-old. But Mr Anwar was able to retrieve it later.

A picture shows the returned piece of Lego wrapped in a tissue paper as the family are still deciding what they should do with it.

Mr Anwar had joked to his wife ‘that we should donate it to a museum’. 

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