Moment three women trade punches and kicks in brutal brawl

The FIGHT before Christmas! Moment three women trade punches and kicks in brutal brawl outside Oxford Street pub in front of stunned festive shoppers

  • Video footage shows two women savagely hitting and kicking a third one
  • The incident took place on Saturday December 12 in front of stunned onlookers
  • Moments later the two women can be seen arguing with a man on the street
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 Three women have been caught on camera punching and kicking each other during a violent fight outside an Oxford Street pub, as stunned onlookers watched on.

Shocking video footage reveals the moment the brutal brawl broke out, as two women can be seen repeatedly hitting and kicking the third one.

The incident took place on Saturday, December 12 outside an Oxford Street pub, as the famous road thronged with festive shoppers. 

The video starts with a blonde-haired woman in a blue blazer grabbing hold of another woman’s hair outside of the pub. 

She then manages to pull her down to the ground before a third woman intervenes and begins kicking and pushing her.

The two women continue to hit and kick the victim on the floor and while there are several people watching, no one appears to help the woman on the ground.  

The two women threw the victim on the floor and kept punching and kicking her

Moments later the footage cuts to a different clip, where the two women are now in a different location and are arguing with a man.   

The man can be heard shouting ‘Get the f*** away from me!’ while the two women shout at him. 

The woman who was previously attacked, can be seen trying to stop them and can be heard shouting ‘He doesn’t know about your hat’.

Eventually three people approached the women and attempted to break the fight

The two women attack again the third one, throwing her to the ground and hitting her. 

In the third clip of the video, the women have now been moved to a different location  where the woman in the blue blazer can be seen in an aggressive fight with the female victim in the middle of a road. 

While onlookers are watching the violent scene, someone throws a glass bottle on the ground.

At that point two men and another woman decided to intervene and approached the group in an attempt  to break up the fight. 

The two women attacked the third one outside an Oxford Street pub on Saturday December 12

Police were called but no arrests have been made so far, as those involved had dispersed from the scene.

A spokesperson for Met Police said: ‘Police were called at 21:47hrs on Saturday, 12 December to reports of a disturbance outside a pub in Great Windmill Street, Soho.

‘Officers attended and established those involved had already left the area.

‘Further enquiries were carried out and officers have arranged to take a statement from the informant to establish the circumstances.’

Crowds of Christmas shoppers hit the high streets over the weekend as just a few shopping days remain till the big day.  

It comes after shoppers were warned by Downing Street on Friday to be careful as London cases have soared and the capital is on the brink of being plunged into Tier 3.   

Most shoppers on a busy Oxford Street wore masks but there were some who went without as they wandered between the shops in London

Boris Johnson will review the situation on Wednesday, while people hit the shops and pubs over the weekend because most are likely to be shut by the end of the week. 

 The case rate per 100,000 people in the capital stood at 191.8 on December 6, up from 158.1 the previous week.

The UK recorded 18,447 coronavirus cases on Sunday, 1,175 more than last Sunday, as well as 144 new deaths. 

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