Mum blogger’s powerful post about why she ‘needs a break’ from her children

A mum blogger has posted an honest letter about why she needs a break from her children.

Laura Mazza, who is behind the blog The Mum On The Run, wrote a powerful post about why constantly having her kids around can be "tiresome".

She spoke about the little things she's not able to do without an audience – including having a shave and going to the toilet.

The brave mum from Australia told her 246,000 followers that needing a break doesn't mean she doesn't love her family.

She explained it simply means she rightfully needs a moment for herself, with no guilt or pressure.

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Laura's Facebook post said: "When I say I need a break I’m not saying I don’t love my family.

"I’m saying going to the toilet with an audience, every time, can get tiresome.

"When I say I need a break I’m not saying I wish I didn’t have children.

"I’m saying it would be nice to put make up and feel good without prying foundation out of someone’s tiny hand."

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Laura continued to say that she's not even saying she wants a holiday.

She merely wants to be able to have a shower without having to run out because someone is crying.

"Shaving my lady bits without an audience would be ace," she added.

Laura continued to explain how it would be nice to have a break so she doesn't carry the 'mental load' for a while.

She admitted when she feels she needs time out, it's because she's "breaking".

"I need a moment to be me. That’s not on borrowed time. Without the responsibility, the pressure and without the guilt," she said.

She said she wants a break from being needed, to feel like herself, to be able to put the pieces back together again and come back stronger.

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