Mum-to-be, 25, claims she will be homeless at birth as she's evicted at Christmas

Ellena Poxtone says she is facing eviction on Boxing Day, despite being six months pregnant.

The 25-year-old nurse hasn't even been offered the option of temporary accommodation.

She said: "I have to literally wait for the bailiffs to evict me, a pregnant woman. My landlord served me with a section 21 notice which ends on Boxing Day.

"He knows I won't be able to pay the rent when I am on maternity leave, and it won't be suitable for me to live there with a small baby waking all the other tenants.”

Ellena claims she cannot even move into her dad's tiny boxroom because she's been told she will look as if she's made herself "intentionally homeless" and ineligible for help.

Ms Poxtone's case is one of thousands, with figures realised by Shelter this week suggesting more than 130,000 kids will be homeless this Christmas.

That is the equivalent of five kids in every school.

For Ellena, she needs only a little support for a small length of time before she goes back to work.

She said: "I'll be giving back to the community as a nurse."

Kingston Council says it recognises its "duty to prevent homelessness" and that "Ms Poxtone has been allocated a case worker who she is meeting early next week to discuss and assess her best options".

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