Mum’s plea after two drags on dodgy vape left teenage son fighting for his life

A 16-year-old teenager was left fighting for his life after taking just two puffs of a vape.

And now the mum of Spencer Smith has warned of the dangers of the electronic cigarettes.

The Honeywell-native took the drags after playing football with friends in Rotherham last year.

He had thought it was just a normal vape, but a few minutes later he collapsed and started to convulse.

It turns out that the device was loaded with spice and benzodiazepines, Yorkshire Live reports.

He was rushed to A&E and thought he was “going to die”, in what he has called the “scariest moment of my life”.

Having made a full recovery, mum Suzanne shared his terrifying near-miss on Facebook.

She wrote, alongside a picture of the boy in an ambulance: “This is Spencer last night unresponsive and convulsing on his way to A&E in an ambulance – I seriously thought we had lost him.

“This is not a post for sympathy, but I really think it is so important for every parent to be aware and also for all Spencer’s friends to know the risks of what a few drags on a vape can result in.

“Spencer went out for a game of footy with his mates and I received a call a couple of hours later saying he needed help and to get there fast. I found my son in the middle of a field in the dark, unresponsive and convulsing with an ambulance and the police not far behind me.

“Spencer couldn’t communicate, didn’t even recognise me and was in some world of his own, his body contorting and convulsing involuntarily.

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“I couldn’t do anything to help him – as he slowly started coming back to some kind of reality he stared at me with frightened eyes pleading me to help him, but I couldn’t do anything only reassure him that he was safe and that everything would be ok.

“I didn’t even know if he would be ok. His pulse reached over 200bpm and I was told they were worried his heart might become damaged. Spencer had 3 bottles of Budweiser and said he felt ok. He was offered and took a few drags off an older boy's vape, who he knew and unfortunately put his trust in.

“I was informed at the hospital this morning that he had tested positive for THC, spice and other benzodiazepines.”
She also claimed that hospital staff said that this was becoming “increasingly common”.

The now-17-year-old is now fully recovered, but his mum did admit that certain things still “trigger him”.

She added: “Teens, unfortunately, will experiment, they will make mistakes and as parents, all we can do is educate them, warn them of the dangers and then trust them to make the right decisions.

"That’s why raising awareness is so important to me, if by reading this it makes one other teen not vape then I’m happy."

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