Nearly 200 migrants crossed Channel yesterday

Nearly 200 migrants crossed Channel yesterday making May 2021’s busiest month already for small boat crossings

  • An estimated 200 migrants are believed to have crossed the English Channel 
  • Some 20 migrants were intercepted a sea by the Border Force cutter Speedwell
  • Around 15 migrants are believed to have landed on a beach in Dungeness, Kent 
  • More than 2,700 migrants are believed to have crossed the channel in 2021 

Almost 200 migrants crossed the Channel on Thursday making May the busiest month for small boat crossings of the year so far.

Despite being just two weeks in, 835 have arrived this month already – surpassing March’s 831.

The Home Office revealed today that 199 people were intercepted making the dangerous journey in nine boats on Thursday.

An estimated 200 migrants successfully crossed the English Channel  yesterday  

Some of the  migrants were intercepted by Border Force cutter Speedwell and brought to Dover Marina 

It was the second highest daily total of 2021 beaten only by April 28 when 209 arrived in nine boats.

French authorities also prevented a further 53 migrants from attempting the crossing in three boats on Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

Despite downpours of rain, Border Force intercepted the first boat of the day at around 7.30am.

Its 20 occupants were brought to shore on the back of cutter Speedwell.

More were seen huddling blankets and wearing face masks on the back of Border Force vessel Hunter around 9.30am.

The migrants in Dover have been brought to a facility so they can be processed by Border Force officials 

Immigration Enforcement officers escorted them up the gangway at Dover Marina, Kent for processing.

An additional 15 migrants also reportedly managed to land their boat on a beach in Dungeness, Kent.

They were seen next to a police van with officers keeping watch while Speedwell continued to taxi migrants into the harbour in Dover.

French authorities also had to rescue eight migrants after their boat started taking on water off Dunkirk around 11am.

These two inflatables, pictured, were used by some of the migrants to cross the channel 

The migrants were landed in Dover Marina before being processed by UK Border Force officials

The crisis in the Channel shows no sign of slowing down as Tuesday’s 186 arrivals now sits at the third highest daily figure for the year heading into the warmer, calmer weather in the summer months.

There were no crossings today. 

But French authorities rescued 14 migrants in difficulty off the coast of Boulogne-sur-Mer around 7.45am and also saved a further four migrants who got into difficulty at Cap Blanc-Nez around 9.30am.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘Criminal gangs are putting people’s lives at risk through these dangerous and unnecessary crossings.

‘We are bringing legislation forward through our New Plan for Immigration which will break the business model of the people smuggling networks and save lives.’

A total of 2,943 migrants have arrived so far this year.  

The last boat carrying almost 30 migrants was intercepted late in the day and brought in for processing around 5pm

French authorities also prevented 96 migrants from making the dangerous voyage in seven boats, according to the Home Office

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