New Jersey dad-of-three, 62, burns to death as car burst into flames when he revved engine to get out of snowbank

A DAD burned to death after his car burst into flames when he revved the engine to get it out of snow, according to reports.

Police officers arrived on the scene at around 9am on Wednesday to find the inside of the burning Mazda SUV.

Police were called out to Little Ferry, New Jersey, shortly after the Mazda was spotted stuck in the snow by workers at Losen Slote Creek Park – around 10 miles north of New York City.

NBC New York reports how one officer was said to have told the driver, 62, to stop revving the car’s accelerator because a tow truck was on the way.

But the driver ignored him, with the car becoming overheated.

The vehicle was reported to have started overheating and making popping sounds as it ignited shortly after.

Reports say officers tried to save the driver at the scene by breaking the windows, but they couldn’t see the victim due to thick smoke filling the car.

The car’s doors were also locked, according to the police report.

The victim is yet to be formally identified but is understood to be a married father-of-three, according to NBC.

A friend of the driver was quoted by the broadcaster as saying he might have been revving the car out of embarrassment of being caught in snow.

The friend allegedly took a piece of the burned SUV from the scene to remember the victim.

He said: “He could have just been embarrassed that he did something stupid and he just wanted to get out of there without a scene. And maybe he just overreacted.

“I’m gonna miss him. I’m gonna miss him every day of my life.”

An investigation into how the Mazda caught fire is ongoing, police say.

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