Noel Gallagher says ‘every time I see Liam’s face I want to take out a McDonald’s with a machine gun’ – The Sun

NOEL Gallagher says looking at his brother Liam makes him want to open fire in a McDonald’s.

The former Oasis star, 52, blasted his younger sibling in a foul-mouthed interview as their decade-long feud hit a toxic new low.

He was enraged that Liam, 46, sent a message to Noel’s daughter Anais, 19,  on social media last week, allegedly threatening his wife, Sara McDonald.

The pair are also at loggerheads because Noel banned his brother from using Oasis songs in his documentary, As It Was.

Noel is refusing to watch the 85-minute film, telling Variety: “I couldn’t think of a reason that would make me want to watch it, considering that every time I see that c***’s face, I want to f***ing take out a McDonald’s with a machine gun.

“So I don’t think I’ll be going to the local cinema to watch him rewrite f***ing history [about] what a great guy he is, what a wonderful family man. I’ve got better things to do with my time.”

The brothers, whose band dominated British music through the 1990s and into the Noughties, have been at war since their 2009 split.

They rarely disguise their contempt for each other but Noel’s latest verbal assault was particularly vicious and unrelenting.

Asked why he had banned Liam from using Oasis songs, he said: “If some f****ing moron is going to make a film slagging me off, calling my wife a c***, after trolling my kids on the internet, after being a filthy little misogynist sexist p***k who cannot keep his f***king mouth off Twitter, and then call me to ask me a favour, I’m like, ‘Wow. You are as dumb as you f***ing look’.”

“I don’t give a f*** what music you have in your film. You’re not using my songs to sell his f***ing film. Go f*** yourself.”

Noel also turned his ire on chart-topper Lewis Capaldi after the Scottish singer told The Sun was honoured to have been “slagged off” by the rocker.

He had slated the 22-year-old’s music in a radio interview last month and called him an idiot.

F***ing Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes

The pair then traded insults on social media, with Noel posting a video of his son mocking Lewis’s  biggest hit, Someone You Loved.

Lewis responded by swaggering on stage at Glastonbury wearing an Oasis-style parka, hat and shades before revealing a heart T-shirt with Noel’s face on it.

But Noel mocked the shaggy-haired chart-topper, telling Variety: “F***ing Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes. The greatest day of his life that I slagged him off or called him an idiot.

“It’s the greatest day of his f***ing life so far.

“Well, I know you’re Scottish and all that, but f***ing hell! It is like a third world country but, for f***’s sake, man, you must have had a better day than this. Surely!”

Noel, whose wife is Scottish,   also reacted to his daughter Anais, 19, tweeting that she wanted to be Lewis when she grows up.

He said: “When she grows up? Well, she better be better looking than that c***.

“Let’s hope she doesn’t have his looks. Or his girth. I’m not going to allow that.

“She’s gonna have a bad day soon if she wants to be Lewis Capaldi when she grows up.”

He added: “It just seems to me that every singer-songwriter gets to be s**tter than the next person. It’s a race to the bottom.

“And you dig deep enough with these c***s, they’re not even singer-songwriters, because they don’t f***ing write their own songs.

“But there were a lot of people talking about me from the main stage at Glastonbury over the weekend. People are obsessed with me. They should stop obsessing about me, because really, I’m not even that good. What can I do? I’m having the f***ing weekend off and I’m still one of the best things at Glastonbury.

“My wife was there and she said, ‘All you could hear was people chanting your name. It was unbelievable’.

“I was in f***ing Holland, high as a f***ing monkey.”

Noel also launched a tirade at Taylor Swift, 29, and her ex label boss Scooter Braun, 38, when asked about their on-going dispute after the ownership of her music.

He said: “I’m aware of the story of Taylor Swift and some idiot called f***ing Scooter. Scooter? Is that even a real name?

“I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift. They’re just American idiots.

“I’d be f***ing ashamed of them, if I were you.”


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Noel also railed against young concert-goers for  watching  his gigs through their phone cameras.

He said: “So, I don’t know. The youth of today: f***ing moronic c***s, if you ask me. … I meet young people, and they’re so culturally lost at the moment.

“All they can do, young people, is take pictures of each other. Because there’s nothing else.”

Meanwhile, Lewis laughed off Noel’s jibes by changing his Twitter name to Chewis Capaldi and posting a mock-up of his face on Star Wars character Chewbacca.

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