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The reason for the Brexit Party to exist is, of course to deliver Brexit – simple. Or is it? Surely nothing could be simpler, after all, it’s in the title – The Brexit Party – the Party of Brexit.

Yet in the last two weeks, the party seems to have lost its way. Sadly perhaps it is even now at risk of becoming the ‘No Brexit Party.’

The issue at the core of this is a decision which Brexit Party candidates must make this week – a profound yet simple decision: do they want to debate a vainglorious and purist argument on Brexit or do they really want to deliver Brexit itself?

Nigel Farage’s claim that the Brexit Party will hurt second-referendum-backing Labour more than the Conservatives beggars belief.

The highly respected election expert Professor John Curtice has found that for every one Labour voter that says they will vote for the Brexit Party, there are two Conservative voters who will switch their vote if Brexit candidates stand.

Ironically, for all the razzmatazz, The Brexit Party cannot deliver Brexit.

They cannot come anywhere close to winning a majority, or possibly even clinch a single seat.

But one thing is certain,  they could keep the Conservatives out of power, delivering Corbyn and destroy the prospect of Brexit forever.

After all, with Boris at the helm, there is only one Party that can deliver Brexit: it’s the Conservative Party. That leads us to the inescapable conclusion that the biggest danger to Brexit in this election is a split in the Leave vote.

In seats up and down the country a vote for the Brexit Party could lead to precisely the opposite of what Leavers like me want to achieve.

It would split the Leave vote, letting Labour and the Lib Dems in through the back door.

We’ve already seen this effect in action. In two by elections this year – Peterborough and Brecon and Radnorshire – Remain candidates have won because the Leave vote was split.


There are seats currently held by the Conservatives where Labour or the Lib Dems could sneak through the middle if a handful of Leave votes peel off to the Brexit Party.

There are other seats the Conservatives need to win in order to secure a Brexit-delivering majority where Labour and the Lib Dems could cling on if people vote for the Brexit Party instead.

Every extra vote for the Brexit Party sounds the death knell for Brexit and makes it easier for Labour and the Lib Dems to sneak through.

Already, many Brexit Party candidates have worked this all out and stood down.

I am hopeful that others will follow suit. After all, even long-time Labour MPs like Ian Austin and John Woodcock have said people shouldn’t vote Labour but vote for the Conservative Party instead.

Of course I understand the frustration of Leave voters up and down the country.

I have campaigned against the EU since the Maastricht Treaty set the EU on the road to complete control of the UK by taking more and more control of our laws. British people are rightly furious that Brexit wasn’t delivered by March 29th as promised.

This was because Parliament’s Remain majority blocked it at every turn.

17.4 million people agreed they wanted to end EU rule and voted to leave in 2016 – more people than have voted for anything else in British history.

They wanted to end the free movement of people and regain control over our borders. They wanted to stop sending the EU hundreds of millions of pounds every week.


They wanted to end the jurisdiction of the European Court. And they wanted to raise our horizons beyond the continent of Europe and forge new trade links with the rest of the world.

The message voters sent was clear, but politicians have deliberately failed to deliver.

At times it has seemed as though parliament would stop at nothing to avoid implementing the will of the British people. They schemed, plotted and ripped up the rule book in their determination to thwart Brexit.

The only choice left was to call an election and ask the voters to return a new set of MPs to Westminster.This election is possibly our last chance to get Brexit done.

Because if the Conservatives don’t win a majority, parliament will stop us leaving.

Only two people stand a chance of being our Prime Minister next month. Either Boris Johnson – a man so determined to get Brexit done he has made it clear that there will not be any extension to the time limit for the trade deal negotiation.

This because he wants to focus on people’s priorities such as more school places, improving the NHS and putting 20,000 more police on the streets.

Or it will be Jeremy Corbyn, too often the apologist for Britain’s enemies, from Russia’s President Putin to terrorist organisation like Hezbollah and the man who shamefully failed to root out anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

Even worse, Corbyn’s Brexit policy is a Trojan Horse for reversing the referendum.

He would negotiate a worse Brexit deal, which isn’t really Brexit at all, and then ask voters in a referendum if they would prefer to remain after all.

All the while his economic policies would inflict enormous damage on this country, through more spending, more borrowing and more debt. He would spell disaster for this country.

The stakes couldn’t be higher at this election, for Brexit and for the country.

I sincerely believe that voting for the Brexit Party could turn out to a be a historic, even a catastrophic mistake. For only one party can get Brexit done and save us from the threat of Corbyn and that is Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.

In a few weeks time you will have to make the biggest decision of your live, for goodness sake vote for  Conservatives, save the economy from Corbyn and let’s GET BREXIT DONE.

  • Iain Duncan Smith is the Tory candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green and ex-party leader.

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